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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » January » 10 » Slovenly - 1987 - Thinking Of Empire
Slovenly - 1987 - Thinking Of Empire

01 Movement
02 Give Him A Sip  'Cause His Mind's Messed Up'
03 Sand
04 Distended
05 Diminished  Ideal
06 This Is The Big Tree
07 Cartwheels Of Glory
08 At Sea
09  Inattention
10 Interruptions
11 On The Beach
12 Bleached

Loved  by those who were lucky to hear them.Formed in the early '80s by ex-Saccharine  Trust drummer Rob Holzman and other hangers-on of the LA scene, they went on to  release a string of stunning, evocative and highly individual records that still  amaze today. There is truly no other band that sounds like Slovenly. Sometimes  they evoke memories of No Wave, Beefheart, MX-80 Sound, Wire, Television, Pere  Ubu and The Fall, yet their synthesis of these influences is their own. The  guitars weave throughout each other like a good Magic Band should, or Lloyd and  Verlaine in Television once did, the rhythm sections anchors itself into a beat  to allow their fellow members to achieve this, and the vocalist, the deapan  Steve Anderson, delivers his sermons of love and woe. Three completely brilliant  LP's were released in a row: Thinking of Empire from 1986, Riposte from 1987,  and We Shoot For the Moon from 1989
Thinking of Empire is Slovenly's first  mature work, a flowering of art-punk influences and California punk  mindset.Listeners struggled with Slovenly's prickly sound chiefly because of the  monotone delivery of singer Steve Anderson and his tendency to toss off lyrics.  After getting a handle on Anderson's delivery, however, it's easy to hear how  magnificently the singer sways with the sideways lashings the shifting layers of  guitars concoct. The band's three guitarists alternate on bass and six-string  electrics, applying a bracing angularity to songs like "Distended," "Cartwheels  of Glory," and "At Sea," which fasten driving riffs to becalmed, drifting  interludes, resulting in musical mazes that, when solved, are endlessly  rewarding. Thinking of Empire is the link in the SST label chain that connects  the punk, to an instrumental art-damage. Rarely has the beauty of post-punk's  gray areas been so strikingly captured.

WeBuilTArks Info : This is one of the great  lost classics of the 80's! If you don't have it, Don't missed it  !!!!


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