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08 August 2022
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Main » 2007 » January » 17 » Man From Missouri - Bwanger Tatalingus Debase (1990)
Man From Missouri - Bwanger Tatalingus Debase (1990)

This record asks a post in my friend's Mystery Poster style: just the cover, the title and the link.
But I'm afraid that even if the curius listener search for it, there's nothing to find. You see this LP released in Greece only, on Nate Starkman & Son Greece, in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies, and I don't know if anyone noticed it. The record came with an insert in the Indepented Project Records style (only this was in black with silver letters).
As for the band, the only things I can tell you are these: they were a quartet from California and they may have sort of relation with Indepented Record/Nate Starman & Son chief Bruce Licher. Some of the tracks of this self-produced album released as an EP in the U.S., I presume in equaly limited quantity.

And now the music: how about frenzyfied-fuzzed-out-surf-cow-psyche? The LP starts with an instrumental blast of energy, "Hygiene" which incoroporates tribal drums and surf guitar played with the amps at 10. Side-a continues (a bit calmed-down), then another killer cow-surf track ("Bwanger Tatalingus Debase") till the last track, "Epitaph", which colses this side with an electrified cowboy tale. B-side begins with the bass-driven dark-Brittish-sounding "Cover Tailor", continues with "Eat My Iron", a short track with metallic (not metal) guitar sounds, and then with "American Dogs" one of the best songs Wooden Wand never wrote (yet). The disc closes with "Accident" and the up-beat surf "Six" with fine ringing guitars. Maybe you can call them surf-Caroliner? Maybe not. You decide.

Jon Jarrett - vcls,gtr
Kelly Mason - bs, vcls
Art Byington - gtr
Steve Hadley - drms

PS Google shows a Jon Jarrett DJ in LA, and an Art Byington guitarist of Destroy All Monsters - I don't know if they are the same.

After the orignal posting we received a lot of positive comments and one from apparently a member of the band, signing as "old man":

"Old Man" said...
The Lp was also put out with a diferent cover by Caroline 1st same 500 copies of vinyl. Reason is that's all they wanted and I still have 500
of the original green hand done LPs.
The band as concept was completely lost as I was in it. We did'nt know what we were yet you did pretty good.
This is a ghost from my past.
The "surf psyc" stuff was done post the singer Jarret's leaving in a 2hr session of jams made up in a Valley record studio and mixed during the first playback. (a concept/financial experiment)
The produced songs were very contrived yet all over the place and not where the heart of the band was.
It's great that people enjoy it and thanks for the review.

There were also another comment with interesting information:
Anonymous said...
The Art Byington is the same/ he also played on Raymond Pettibon's "Torches and Standards" with Mike Kelley Ann Magnason and Richard Lee of Acetone.
The John Jarret is not the same.
The Kelly mason is a well known L.A. artist now and the Steve Hadley is a mystery, yet there is one in Acetone and the band Spinout, all from Ca.

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