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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » January » 22 » 7 X 7 is - U.S. garage singles pt.5
7 X 7 is - U.S. garage singles pt.5

Kings of Oblivion - Gotta Love Me/Only You To Blame/No Way To Be (Dionysus ID-074510)
For the end here's some wild garage rock from Kings of Oblivion, a band from Los Angeles which appears on Dionysus site as  "Detroit '68 meets LA '77". Their sound on this 1990 single reminds me of Jeff Dahl or the Lazy Cowgirls. Kings of Oblivion had some success (in Europe mainly), but now they've sank in oblivion.

The Dispossessed - Moon and Midnight/The Thin Men (Di-Di Music DiDi 155, 1988)
The Dispossessed from Connecticut, appeared in the mid-eighties, released a single and an obscure LP, which sounds to my ears like an american version of the uk post-punk groups, and then (after the suicide of their guiar player Jeremy Guenter), they disbanded, to resurface in the early 2000s! These two tracks appeared on a limited edition 7" included with the European release (on Greek label Di-Di Music) of the band's first and only LP "Sister Mary", from 1988.

Lee Joseph - Four By One EP (Mystery Scene ms 004, recorded 1984)
In the summer of 1984 Lee Joseph recorded four tracks in his home, with the help of Rich Coffee (gtr) and Zebra (handclaps). There are three covers (Stay By My Side (Music Machine), The Special Ones (Shames) and Splash One (R.Erickson)) and a Rich Coffee song (Sounds of Color). He mixed them in 1986 and sometime later (I believe circa 1989) they were released by the German label Mystery Scene. The covers are faithfull, but I think the best track is the Rich Coffee one. One last note: on "Spash One", besides the off-key vocals you may notice that it sounds as if it was mixed in the wrong speed.

Lance Kaufman - Peaceful Amazon Village/They Dug Up Elvis (Dionysus- ID074513)
After years as an obscure lounge pianist in his native Cleveland Ohio, humble Lance Kaufman was bonked on the noggin by a fowl ball at an Indians game and became Karla Pundit, musicologist and keyboard wizard extraordinare! For more than a decade he was hearing mysterious voices and a form of exotic music seemingly from another sphere. Lance saluted the exotica era years before it was fashionable to do so with this Dionysus single. Lance was also behind the Farfisa organ on the early very 60s garage inspired records by Yard Trauma, a band who also included the Dionysus Records Empire head-honcho, Lee Joseph. You have to listen to believe it! 

Gorehounds - Necrosis/Voodoo Priest (Alien Cactus Records ACT THORN 002)
Well, don't be scared with this one! The Goreounds from Maine were deep in the creepy side of garage. They put out this single in 1986 and an LP (Halloween Everywhere) again on Alien Cactus in 1987. Except from their LP title , their references to the Elevators exceed to the use of an electric jug.

1313 Mockingbird Lane - Hornet's Nest/My Hearse (Is Double Parked)
This is the first single of this "third generation" garage group, that came out in 1989, in their own Scarab label. They play a straight 60s/Chesterfield Kings garage with a lot of energy. They released several singles and LPs and they're still active.

The Cynics - I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Raining/Smoke Rings (Get Hip GH-106)
No need to tell you 'bout the Cynics, except that this single came out from Get Hip as release #2 of the Cynics fanclub in 1990, and of cource the a-side is about their hometown.

Edit: Jordan Kratz founder of the Gorehounds posted a comment, inviting us all to his webside to download for free all The GoreHounds LP , 7", and unreleased stuff.

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