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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » January » 26 » Sons Of Adam - Moxie ep
Sons Of Adam - Moxie ep

Sons Of Adam - Moxie ep

Tracks :
1 You're A better Man Than I
2 Saturday's Son
3 Feathered Fish
4 Baby Show The World
5 Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
6 Take My Hand

Six of their rare songs, probably dubbed from the vinyl of the original singles. "Baby Show the World" is first-class psychedelic raunch; "Take My Hand" is a poppy number with nice harmonies that sounds kind of like a raw, garage-psychedelic Monkees; and "Saturday's Son," their best track, is a taut, Love-ish rocker with both harmonies and hard-driving guitars. Things get even more Love-ish, naturally, on their cover of the Arthur Lee-penned "Feathered Fish," which guitarist Randy Holden would also record with his next band, the Other Half. This seven-inch EP reissue is hard to find these days, but is definitely worth picking up if you're into rare psychedelia or garage music, as they were one of the best California bands that didn't last or succeed for one reason or another.
~by Richie Unterberger

Releasing a few obscure singles in the mid-'60s, this Los Angeles psychedelic band is primarily remembered for just two things. Their guitarist, Randy Holden, went on to Blue Cheer, and they recorded an Arthur Lee composition, "Feathered Fish," which Love never released in their own version. The slim evidence that survives on record suggests they were a good band, though, striking a midpoint between garage pop and California freakouts, and employing distortion and feedback when those traits were still innovative. Their material has been very hard to come by, although an EP reissue appeared in 1980s; someone should reissue their singles on CD, or pad them out with any available unreleased tapes to make an album compilation.
~by Richie Unterberger

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