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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » January » 27 » Crawling Walls - 1985 - Inner Limits
Crawling Walls - 1985 - Inner Limits

Crawling Walls -Inner Limits

This is another long OOP Lp from Voxx, that never reissued. Recorded in Albuquerque, New Mexico and released in 1985 from Voxx (and Lolita in Europe). The band (never seen performing live, as mentioned in "Knights of Fuzz") maybe had the "curse of Voxx" i.e disbanding right after the release of their album, or maybe was an one-off only project.

The album kicks off with "Fly Tonight", a crazed garage track, followed by the 6 minute-long title track, which speeds up and slowes down, complete with an eastern scale solo from the Vox organ of the leader Bob Fountain. The highlight is "She's so wild", another speeding-slowing track, with a superb guitar-organ dialogue. The speedy instrumental "Go-Go 85" closes the a-side. The b-side runs in the same vein with 3-minute songs, delivered straight from 1966, full of teenage fever and naive lyrics, with "Tell me why" and "One Last Kiss" outstanding, and closes with the calmed-down "Bittesweet", up-lifting, almost pop-psych tune that features a nice guitar solo.
To my ears, this one stands side-by-side with the teenage garage anthems of the Pebbles or the Moxie records, which apparently the band had studied very well, alongside with the ? and the Mysterians. Its garagey, vox organ-dominated sound, the tempo changes and the very american backing vocals are refreshing enough for me.

Bob Fountain: Vox orgn, lead vcls
Larry Otis: gtr, vcls
Nancy Martinez: bs, vcls
Richard J.Perez: drms, vcls

At the top of this post is the Lolita cover and right above is the Voxx cover

P.S. Although I don't post something already posted, I made an exception for this: It was posted in July 2006 in the TwilghtZone blog. Not only the link is long gone, but my dearest RYP has posted a review from an (Amazon?) listener, that totally dismissed it as "80’s retro garage band who if they had heard The Fuzztones, The Morlocks or Plan 9 before going into the studio they would have realised they were in the wrong job". Well, this record slipped in my head in a summer night of 1985 and it's there since then. I felt that I ought to give it a chance.

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