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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » January » 27 » Lazily Spun - 1999 - Untitled cdr
Lazily Spun - 1999 - Untitled cdr

The Lazily Spun are:
Matt Woolham - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, soundscapes, sound manipulation, bike & bell
Harry Sumnall - bass, harmonium, guitars, q-chord, percussion, tamboura, sitar, autoharp, gopichand, synthesisers, mellotron, sampling, sound FX, soundscapes, theremin, bells & whistles
James Pagella - drums and Ire~Sensi Wisdom
Juan Bercial-Velez - lead guitar & ritual theremin-pole dancing

With co-founding member Anshu Asthana (currently a London based freelance designer), and exploding from a fluctuating free-lifestyle awash with entheogens, the band crafted their sound based upon their love of far out 60s psychedelia, contemporary psych-miscreants, mycology, and studio trickery. Gigs in Manchester (UK) caught the ear of local music legends John Squire (Stone Roses) and Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets) who offered guidance on the golden road (to unlimited devotion). A lovingly crafted demo tape was recorded in 1996, capturing the attention of respected the Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine. A feature article and tracks for consecutive Terrascope 7" releases releases - "Old Guy" and "A Puce Moment" (the latter a cover of the legendary Hermit by Kenneth Anger soundcraft wizard Jonathon Halper) led to a hasty assembled private issue of the band's tunes. Despite being considered a 'demo' (with a view to re-recording with better equipment at a later date) the album was well received in the underground scene and "The Whole" was included on the Camera Obscura compilation Serotonin Ronin II). An EP, Double B Side, was recorded for Earworm records, gaining national airplay on John Peel's Radio 1 show.

Partly due to disillusionment with the Lazily Spun's slow progress, internal tensions, and challenging life events, the original band slowly dissipated. Harry moved cities to Liverpool in order to pursue (and complete in 2002!) a PhD in the psychopharmacology of MDMA, and all seemed lost. Matt resolved many complications by laying down tracks that were to form the backbone of the new Lazily Spun sound. Reconnecting with Harry, the band rehearsed songs with new members until settling with the current (perfect!) line up. James and Juan were both Liverpool based musicians playing and recording with the Living Brain, Vitamina, and Hand Museum. (Sidebar: Harry joins James in Zukanican, a dense free-form outfit dripping with klanging Krautrock influences - debut release expected on Pickled Egg records in late 2002/early 2003).

Photo Scott SterbenzFrom original demos to final mixdown The Lazily Spun's debut album was assembled over 3 years and released on Camera Obscura in March 2003. Some sound samples date back to the first phase of the Lazily Spun and the album features all key members of the band's history in some sonic shape or form. Songs were recorded at Matt and Harry's PC based home-studios (Manchester & Liverpool), Testa Rosa studios (Manchester), Elevator Studios (Liverpool) and Living Brain rehearsal studio (Liverpool).

Their name derives from classic experiments performed in the 1950's whereby flies were injected with various drugs (mescaline, cannabis preparation, LSD, and caffeine) and then fed to the spider Zilla-x-notata Cl. The subsequent webs produced by the spiders were then analysed. LSD and mescaline webs looked as if they were "lazily spun" (!).

Band's Web site
CAM055CD - Lazily Spun - s/t

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