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22 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » February » 6 » The Delmonas - 1985 - Dangerous Charms
The Delmonas - 1985 - Dangerous Charms

1 Peter Gunn  Locomotion
2 You Did Him  Wrong
3 Hello, I Love  You
4 Comin' Home  Baby
5 Lies
6 C.C. Rider
7 He Tells Me He Loves  Me
8 Hidden  Charms
9 Twist and  Shout
10 I'm the One for  You
11 Fever
12 Chains
13 Please Don't Tell My  Baby
14 I Want  You
15 Take Me Home  Tonight
16 Woa' Now
17 Kiss Me, Honey, Honey,  Kiss Me
18 The World Keeps Going  Round
19 I'll Use  Evil
20 You Can't Sit  Down
21 Farmer  John
22 Uncle  Willy

Taking their name from  the word for a decorative handbag favored by women in the Klaipeda region of  Lithuania, British garage pop girl group, the Delmonas began life as the  Milkboilers. If that moniker sounds suspiciously similar to that of the Billy  Childish-led Milkshakes, it's no coincidence: The trio got its start by singing  backup on the lads' recordings (and dating the boys in the band). Sarah (who  went with Mickey Hampshire), Hilary (with Russ Wilkins), and Louise (with Bruce  Brand) took the lead on a rendition of the Beatles' "Boys" before striking out  on their own with a couple of four-song EPs in 1984: Comin' Home Baby  (popularized by Mel Torme) and Hello, We Love You (actually the Doors' "Hello, I  Love You.") In both cases, the Milkshakes served as their backing band and  Childish and Hampshire wrote most of the originals. The following year, the  Delmonas released their first full-length recording, Dangerous Charms, which  rounded up the EP tracks, three outtakes, and five numbers from a radio  broadcast (it was later released as Delmonas Plus Delmonas with additional  material from another BBC session). Interpersonal tensions resulted in a  recording gap of several years and a revamped lineup for 1988's follow-up,  Delmonas 5!. Louise had since left the group and Hilary and Sarah had renamed  themselves Miss Ida Red and Ludella Black (the latter possibly in tribute to  British chanteuse Cilla Black). They were backed by the first lineup of Thee  Mighty Caesars (Childish, Wilkins, and John Agnew). The new combo cranked out a  louder, harder-hitting sound. The Delmonas hit the streets in 1989 and continued  in the same brassy vein. It featured Dangerous Charms' lost title-track and a  couple of earlier numbers redone in French (Delmonas 5! and The Delmonas were  later combined onto one CD). Do the Uncle Willy, released later the same year,  was the band's final musical document. It compiled material from previous  releases, a couple of alternate takes, and a new version of the Milkshakes' "Lie  Detector." On all of their recordings, the Delmonas mixed cover versions from  the '50s and '60s with original compositions that sounded as if they came from  that era — upbeat ravers in the spirit of the Shangri-Las, Lesley Gore, Nancy  Sinatra, and other tough-but-tender girl acts. If they didn't quite have the  vocal range of those artists, they made up for it in attitude and enthusiasm.  This spirit was carried over into the Headcoatees, which included Black and  Holly Golightly (now Brand's main squeeze), and would fulfill the same function:  as backup to Thee Headcoats and as a band backed by them. In 2000, after both  groups had called it quits, Black released her first solo album She's Out There  (backed, not too surprisingly, by Hampshire and Brand, with whom she had begun  her musical career).

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