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30 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » March » 8 » The Monsters - Hide and Seek
The Monsters - Hide and Seek

Lurking  behind the mausoleum in the moss-strewn cemetery, a hypnotic rhythm can be heard  at the strike of midnight. Pulsating sexual tones, throbbing and tempting you to  a trance like state while begging you to join the dance of the dead.

Who are these  cryptic crypt dwellers? Alas, the story unfolds!

Formed in 1986  in Switzerland and comprised of guitar, bass and what is affectionately known as  a clone drum (which means that there are two drummers with one and a half drums  hitting the same bass drum from each side). The Monsters create a sound like a  cross between The Seeds coming off a bad drunk or The Cramps on speedballs  congealed with a meaner Reverend Horton Heat. Fuzz drenched overdose and dirty  bookstore trashy rock and  roll/garage/psychobilly. Rumour has it that The Monsters are in high  rotation in Hell.

The Beat-man  (Vocals, Guitar) is the just short of genius brainchild behind the rich trash,  sleaze, grind, mayhem he dishes out with ease. Highly addictive like being  spoon-fed heaps of brown sugar.

This cd is  comprised of tracks taken from Youth Against Nature (1995), Birds Eat Martians  (1998) and I See Dead People (2002) and bonus unreleased tracks. A great  introduction to The Monsters hypnotizing, hip gyrating, grind and sleaze  infested mind fuck rock and roll.

By Christopher  Duda (SugarBuzz Toronto)

SugarBuzz  Magazine

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