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30 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » March » 10 » The Sunshine Company - The Best Of
The Sunshine Company - The Best Of

Reviewer:"paulkristi" (Mount Prospect, Illinois  United States)
I  am giving this C.D 5 stars because I really like the group. They had a ton of  talent however the odds were stacked against them. Just like The Peanut Butter  Conspiracy of the same time, they were warriors in the San Francisco Vs. L.A.  sound (both aforemetioned groups from L.A). Unfortunatly at that particular time  there was a flood of girl/guy folk rock harmony groups, just think, The Mojo  Men,The vejatables,The Great Society,WE 5, The Neighborhood Childr'en,The Stone  Poneys,Eternitys Children, Smith,Spanky And Our Gang, not to mention The Mamas  and The Papas and The Jefferson Airplane. Where was there room for any more?  Well, all of these groups really did have their own sounds but the genre was a  bit crowded. Like The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Sunshine Company suffered  from lack of promotion from their record companies, it wasn't that these groups  lacked talent, what they lacked was exposer. Double that with the countless  number others groups doing the same thing, theres only one thing left to say:  "One or two hit wonders.

"Remember: The Peanut Butter Conspiracy is  spreading and The Sunshine Company is Rising!!!!!!!

more info here

Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 1865 | Added by: innocent76 | Rating: 5.0/1 |

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