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22 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » March » 21 » Rational Youth - 1982 - Cold War Night Life
Rational Youth - 1982 - Cold War Night Life

1. Close to Nature
2. Beware the Fly
3. Saturdays in Silesia
4. Just a Sound in the Night
5. Meilleur des Mondes
6. Ring the Bells
7. City of Night
8. Dancing on the (Berlin) Wall
Power Zone
10. I Want to See the Light
11. Coboloid Race

One of Canada's first Synthpop groups, Rational Youth was formed in Montreal in the summer of 1981 by Tracy Howe and Bill Vorn. Tracy had been a member of various top local New Wave bands such as the Normals,Heaven Seventeen and Men Without Hats; and Bill had been a member of the all-synth band "U". Both Tracy and Bill idolised Kraftwerk and when the German synth gods released "Computer World", the two Montrealers were inspired to start their own all-electronic group, which they named Rational Youth. Within months of their formation, they released their first single, 'Coboloid Race c/w I Want To See The Light', on the independent YUL label.

In the spring of 1982, they released the album 'Cold War Night Life', which included the hits 'Saturdays In Silesia', 'City Of Night', and the European cult fave 'Dancing On The Berlin Wall'. Bill and Tracy were joined by a third synthesist, Kevin Komoda, toward the end of the production of 'CWNL'. 'Cold War Night Life' was Canada's first-ever full-length synthpop release and the biggest- selling Canadian independent album of the 1980's. The album was also released throughout Europe to considerable success (on both sides of the Iron Curtain). Bill Vorn left Rational Youth at the end of 1982 to resume communications studies at the University of Quebec, and to conduct research and development within the discipline of interactive robotics.

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