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22 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » March » 27 » Quarkspace - Live Orion (1998) & Spacefolds vols 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7
Quarkspace - Live Orion (1998) & Spacefolds vols 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7
Since 1996, Quarkspace has pursued the sonic expression of space music with a fervor that has made the band a fixture in the Columbus, Ohio, region. Blending elements of space rock, ambient, psychedelic and electronics, Quarkspace utilizes guitars, keyboards, drums, and effects to produce a lively sound that explores the more fantastic reaches of the universe with (mostly) instrumental space music.

Quarkspace is Chet Santia, Jay Swanson, Dave Wexler, Paul Williams and Darren Gough. These human beings achieve an interstellar flair with a surprisingly minimal use of synthesizers. It is through the ethereal fusion of more traditional instruments that Quarkspace conjures their sonic evocations, immersing the listener in a cosmic void that quickly fills with the band's inspiring compositions.

Imagine if you will: the experimental passion of the Sixties psychedelic rock scene supplanted to modern sensibilities and infused with a fascination for outer space and cosmic riffs -- the sonic beast you get when you gene-splice the Grateful Dead with Hawkwind. This band also excels at improvisational brilliance, jamming like a coalescing stellar mass teetering on the brink of galactic ignition.

"Analog hippie meets digital space" describes Dane Carlson of Expose Magazine. "The new spacerock star" raves Francois Coutere of the All Music Guide. Cuneiform Record/Wayside music calls them "one of the best American spacerock bands. Combining songs, short and epic, with a communal knack for improv rarely seen in music, quarkspace rules the mystic galaxy.

Quarkspace - 1998 - Live Orion

1 Close to the Whipping Post
2 Air
3 Siren Space
4 In My Lost Mind
5 Dead Raven Space
6 Don't Stop the Levee
7 Quarkital
8 Faerienot Space
9 Dancing Swan
10 Whitehawk Space

Chet Santia: Bass, Guitar, Guitar Synth, Vox, Percussion
Jay Swanson: Keyboards, Percussion
Paul Williams: Drums, Keyboards, Loops, Samples, Percussion
Darren Gough: Guitarist Reunitus
Stan Lyon: Stunt guitar and bass Emeritus
Dave Wexler: Guitarist Emeritus Deux

From Aural Innovations #2 (April 1998)
Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

The Live Orion CD illustrates how important it is to experience this type of music in a live environment, and how this band in particular shines when performing live. Quarkspace is somewhat unique among the current crop of spacerock bands in that they aren't from the hard edged Hawkwind camp, nor can they be firmly categorized in the dreamier ambient space camp. What stands out on this CD is a band whose roots are very much in the classic jam rock camp, but add enough elements of space in their sound, and ambience in the atmosphere to make them a space band. When they really start to cook they have been compared to the Allman Brothers, and there are tracks here that feature this sound. Like the Allmans, each instrument is clearly distinguishable from the others, yet all play cooperatively to produce some kick ass rock music that has the added benefit of blasting the listener into the cosmos. On other tracks I'm reminded of the the glory days of psychedelic stretching out, but with a higher level of instrumental proficiency than was characterisic of many bands in that genre.

Vocal numbers are interspersed with the instrumentals and Chet Santia's voice reminds me of a harder edged Peter Gabriel. This release will mark the first Quarkspace vocal numbers since their 1996 debut CD, and those familiar with that release should note how the music, though in a "song" context, is often just as busy and interesting as on the purely instrumental tracks.

For those not familiar with Quarkspace this live performance is an excellent starting point.

Highly recommended.


Enjoy !!!

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