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30 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » March » 27 » Morning Glory - 1968 - Two Suns Worth
Morning Glory - 1968 - Two Suns Worth
Morning  Glory - 1968 - Two Suns Worth
(Fontana SRF 67573)


  • Need Someone (Bohanna) 
  • I Cry (Bohanna) 
  • Hey Little Girl (Bohanna) 
  • Stone Good Day (Bohanna) 
  • Even When I'm Up I'm Down (Daniel) 
  • Jelly Gas Flame (Daniel) 
  • I See The Light (Daniel/Graybeal) 
  • Live For Today (Bohanna) 
  • Point Of No Return (Gerughty) 
  • So Glad Being Here (Bohanna)

  • Gini Graybeal - percussion, lead vocals 
  • Bob Bohanna - bass, guitar, vocals 
  • Larry Gerughty - organ, piano, harpsichord, vocals 
  • Daniel Nu Delman - guitar, vocals 
  • Allen Wehr - drums

  • Producer - Abe Kesh 
  • Engineer - John Cale

Typical  westcoast Airplane/Mamas & Papas sound with male/female vocals and full-on  hippie-psych vibes. A bit inconsistent, with 2-3 excellent tracks including the  classic trance psych floater "Jelly Gas Flame" which must be heard. Not great,  but better than some albums five times as expensive. Producer credit is "John  Cale"! [PL]

This is a slight bit wilder than most of the  Airplane-wannabe albums, with some truly ripping fuzz guitar. As with a lot of  these albums it's pretty hit and miss, but the best moments on it are more  genuinely psychedelic and experimental than on albums like Yankee Dollar, Ivory,  Spirits & Worm, and so on. [AM]

Signed by  Fontana, the group's 1968 debut "Two Suns Worth" teamed them with producer Abe  'Voco' Kesh (of Blue Cheer fame). Interestingly the set was engineered by Velvet  Underground alumnus John Cale. With three of the six members contributing  material, the all original set offered up a distinctively West Coast sound that  was simultaneously quite heavy, but also quite commercial. At least a couple of  reviews I've seen draw a comparison to The Airplane. It's not a perfect  comparison, but gets you in the general aural neighborhood. Exemplified by  tracks such as 'Need Somebody' and 'I Cry' Graybeal had a great voice that could  more than handle the band's heavy edges. She also avoided the shrieking excesses  favored by many of her contemporaries (Lynda Pense, Grace Slick). The rest of  the band were also pretty impressive with Daniel NuDelman kicking in more than  his share of fuzz guitar. There are enough treasures here to give the album a  strong recommendation, particularly since you can still find this one cheap.  Personal favorites included 'Stone Good Day', 'Even When I'm Up I'm Down' and  'Jelly Gas Flame'. Fontana tapped the album for at least one single: 'Need  Somebody' b/w 'I See a Light' (Fontana catalog number F-1614).  ~badcatrecords

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