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30 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » May » 8 » Shark Move - Chede Chokra's Shark Move (Indonesia 1970)
Shark Move - Chede Chokra's Shark Move (Indonesia 1970)

(Many thanks to Mr. Attic for the vinyl rip!)

Shark Move  started playing in Bandung, Indonesia in 1970 and was founded by Benny Soebardja  who play lead guitar and sings. Shark Move is one of the Indonesian rock  pioneers who combined rock music with traditional harmonies and progressive  sounds. Some songs on this LP using English lyrics, while other bands at that  time where still playing sweet music, this is really an experimental recording.  Unfortunately at the end of 1970 the keyboard player passed away so Benny  decided not to continue with his band and formed a new on named Giant Step. A  very complex prog album which is as strong as many good UK albums of the same  period but it has this little extra which makes this album unique and great.  (Shadoks)

Another heavy new title from Shadoks that restores an obscure  1970 psych monster from Indonesia. Shark Move have that classic slow sunrise  sound of countless South American titans mixed with the kind of sunburst vocal  style that floats the best of the UK freakbeat sides (Jason Crest et al),  crunching fuzz, heavy keyboards and kaleidoscopic song stylings. This is  ambitious, florid psych that should please anyone who digs the more dramatic UK  sugarcube moments as much as the more enjoyably complex Euro prog shit. And if  that ain't you, who the fuck is it? (Volcanic Tongue)

1. My Life
2.  Butterfly
3. Harga
4. Evil War
5. Bingung
6. Insan
7.  Madat

originally posted by Crotchbat
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