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02 October 2023
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Main » 2007 » May » 12 » Freeman Sound and Friends - Heavy Trip (1970)
Freeman Sound and Friends - Heavy Trip (1970)

"Unreleased recordings from obscure Ohio band with 1970 45 on  the same label as Morly Grey. Much of this is actually modern recordings,  nevertheless about half of it is enjoyable sinister psychrock with a late Doors  vibe." (AcidArchives)

"World In Sound presents another group that  represents the late '60s, early '70s heavy psychedelic era scene in northeast  Ohio, USA (the same region that Dragonwyck is from). Having won the Starshine  Productions' 'Battle of the Bands' in 1970, the five-member Freeman Sound was  established as the most popular of several bands (including Morly Grey), that  had records released on the Starshine label. This special collection of original  songs and sounds is an exciting bit of rock history that documents some of the  charm, wit and depth of talent that made Freeman Sound the special local  phenomenon they were. This release includes twelve great, quality tracks, four  on an extra 7" record. Bio and photos are on a poster. You'll get stoned on some  mind-bending vocals backed by instrumentation that includes some very intense,  heavy fuzz and wah pedal guitar sounds, solid drums and a screaming organ with  flashes of famous British groups. This band broke up before they were able to  make the most of their popularity. With this previously unreleased album, they  may be taking up where they left off. For fans of intelligently-executed  psychedelic hard rock and pop with a message."

1) Tomorrow Is  Plastic
2) Heavy Trip #70 (Freak Out)
3) All I Need
4) If I Could  Only
5) Wanting To Be Free
6) All Roads Lead Home
7) 16 Tons
8)  Singing My Own Song
9) On The Way
10) Get It While You Can
11) I Just  Can't Stop Lovin' You, Babe
12) Christmas Card

originally posted by crotchbat
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