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22 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » May » 24 » Various Artists - 1990 - Badger A-Go-Go
Various Artists - 1990 - Badger A-Go-Go

If you played in a band in the late '80s, then you know that your scene wasn't anything without a regional compilation album to document the breadth and eclecticism present in your town/county/state's musical population. While many of these records were immediately relegated to the dusty shelves of the "local" section of your favorite music emporium, there were those that deserved better. Badger A-Go-Go is a surprisingly strong record, with enough recognized and "unsigned" artists -- and beyond that, actual good songs -- to keep a college radio listener entertained. Who knew the diversity present in the state of Wisconsin: Paul Cebar the Milwaukeeans' laid-back, almost whimsical take on "Can't Sit Down," the Husker Du-influenced Liquid Pink, the guitar pop of Squares, and the more established individual sounds of EIEIO and Die Kreuzen. Fear not, there are a few bum tracks (and it wouldn't be a regional compilation without them), but the depth of good bands and songs will ease the pain of listening to Appliances-SFB's "Play With Pain." The compact disc reissue includes bonus tracks by Liquid Pink.- Kurt Edwards, All Music Guide

I could add that this a VERY varied record and this means that you got the power-pop of Cherry Cake and the Squares, the cow-extravaganza version of "Blood on the Saddle" from Brian Richie (starts like the great Tex Edwards & Out on Parole and ends like Eugene Chadbourne), one of the more "soft" tracks of Boy Dirt Car, and Plasticland (in one of their wildest tracks). Note that this is the LP version, so there are no bonus tracks by Liquid Pink.

Danelectro - Liquid Pink (2:23)
I'm Gonna Emphasize - Plasticland (2:29)
Downer Street - Squares (3:24)
The American Way - Dummy Club (1:49)
K.I.D. - Boy Dirt Car (3:28)
Can't Sit Down - Paul Cebar & The Milwakeeans (3:01)
Seasons of Wither - Die Kreuzen (4:38)
Helvetica - Couch Flambeau (2:54)
Grievance in F#m - Blowtorch (2:30)
Mrs. Wilson - Cherry Cake  (3:15)
Stop at the Left...Look to the Right - F/i (3:07)
Play With Pain - Appliances SFB (1:38)
Blood on the Saddle - Brian Ritchie & Ghostly Trio (2:23)
Gonna Get Some [Alternate Take] - E-I-E-I-O (1:59)
My Mother Still Likes Me - Voot Warnings (2:24)

If you're further interested you can find Plasticland, Boy Dirt Car, F/i, Die Kreuzen, E-I-E-I-O, in blogland, and maybe more (let me know if you do).
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