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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » June » 2 » The 4 Levels Of Existence - The 4 Levels Of Existence (1976)
The 4 Levels Of Existence - The 4 Levels Of Existence (1976)

01. Μεταμορφη (Metamorphic)
02.  Σαν λιωσουνε τα χιονια (When The Snow Melts)
03. Ο Ταχυδρομος Του Χωριου (The  Village Postman)
04. Ερημια (Wilderness)
05. Του Τρελου η Σαλπιγγα (The  Fool's Trumpet)
06. Ο Αγωνας Μας (Our Fight)
07. Απογοητευση  (Dissapointed)
08. Παιδικο τραγουδι (Child's Song)
09. Χωρις τιτλο  (untitled)
10. Καποια Μερα Στην Αθηνα… (Someday In Athens..)

The 4 Levels Of Existence
is a Greek band.I  know many of you think Greece is only ouzo souvlaki and sun, but this beuatifull  disc says the opposite.

Well, the band story begins somewhere in 1974  -'75 when Thanasis Alatas and Xrhstos Blaxakhs, both ex-members of another Greek  Band ''Frog's Eye'' meet Mario Giamalakh and Niko Grapsa. (I'm not sure on that,  but i think Grapsas was ex-member of band ''Paralos'')
This four people join  forces and create ''The 4 Levels oF Existence''. One year later (1976) release  their only, self titled album, in a very small quantity, under the ''Venus''  label. The material of LP is reissued by the good people of the Canadian (!)  label of ''Lion Productions'' i think last year or 2005.

Now about the  music. The 4 Levels Of Existence is a -stunning- hard edged psychedelic album. A  really folk-flavored fuzz monster with  superb guitar leads and solos, melancholic lyrics (sung in native Greek) and  majestic melodies. The guitar work is exchellent and very fuzzy!!, that gives  the album a heavy taste, but after some listenings you realize.. hey, that fits  exactly to the band style!

In few, this is a beuatifull and unique album!!!

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