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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » June » 7 » 7 X 7 is - U.S. 7 inch singles part 7
7 X 7 is - U.S. 7 inch singles part 7

Jodie Cosmo - Staying Power/Blacksand of Love-Real Cool Time (West World WW-05, 1993)
I believe this is the most strange release of the great Jesus Acedo. After the incredibly godlike first releases of Black Sun Ensemble, and in a time when he was just out of psychiatric treatment, Acedo as Jodie Cosmo, with the help of Rich Hopkins, recorded these, uhm.. slightly disoriented songs. The a-side is more pop and Jesus sings "Staying power will see us thru and so I send my love to you", while in the b-side, backed by Hopkins and Co., covers  Stooges "Real Cool Time."

Wicked Ones - The Devil's In My Pants/Nightmares/The Boy That Time Forgot(Get Hip GH-104, 1989)
Former members of Oregon's Miracle Workers (Joel Barnett) and Surf Trio (Jeff Martin & Pete Weinberger), and  Ron Klein (both in Surf Trio and Marble Orchard) who plays bass on the a-side, under the Wicked Ones moniker are twisting and shaking violently in these three tracks (I think it's their only release).

Jigsaw Seen - Jim Is The Devil/Idol Chatter (Skyclad/Get Hip GH-38, 1989)
Second devil song in this part, this from Jigsaw Seen, a group founded from Dennis Davison (ex-United States of Existence) and Jonathan Lea (ex-Revolver). Begun as Playground, changed to Jigsaw Seen in 1989. Shortly after they released this single and the Shotrcut Through Clown Alley" LP, both on Skyclad Recs. They're still active, (drummer Teddy Freese (ex-Yipes) joined in 1993, and bassist David Nolte (ex-the Last) in 1996. You can visit their site

Herrera & The Hand-Outs - Another Lie/Playin' For Time (Midnight 4519, 1988)
This is the first single of David Herrera (ex-Cheepskate), before his LP (posted here , where there's plenty of info). This 7" is in the usual luxurious cover of the Midnight singles - ie a plain white envelope with a photocopied (?) and obviously cut-with-scissors painting (this is a portrait made by Bobby Belfiore), which covers the front side and half of the back of the vinyl! I'll just add that in David's myspace page there's a very nice photo gallery two 1990 shows at McCarthy's bar on 14th Street, of which the first can be downloaded for free. You can also listen to the song "Lies and Conspiracy" by Crazy Pages (another band that David Herrera was involved) in Neil Young's "Songs of the Times" page-search for it under "New Listings"

New Duncan Imperials - Feelin' Sexy (EP, Pravda PR 4508, 1990)
The NDI saga began in Chicago in the spring of 1989. Bored with the straight-ahead approach of the band they were in, Pigtail Dick (guitar and vocals), Skipper Zwackinov (bass, balloons, and vocal), and Goodtime Dammit (drums, drums, drums) began playing for laughs in the basement of Pigtail's mom's house. "She really, really hated us," Goodtime recalls. "That's when we knew we were onto something." The band focused on laying strange yet sharp lyrics. "Most of our songs were about food, or driving, or how to prepare intricate chicken dishes while driving," says Skipper. "A lot of people didn't get it, but the ones who did loved it." Listen to these 4 tracks and then take a look here

Lithium X-Mas with T. Tex Edwards - Strange Movies/Love Power
(SFTRI 136, 1991)
If you think that Jthe Jodie Cosmo single was strange, you got to listen to this: Recorded live Feb 3 1991 at the Texas Tube Room, Ft Worth, Texas, Tex Edwards joins Lithium X-Mas
A-side is a Troggs cover (VERY noisy), while b-side is a superb cover of the Mel Brooks tune (from Vertigo I think), given the famous Tex Edwards treat.

Mooseheart Faith - Bluevolution Pt.1 (7"EP, SFTRI 088, 1990)
This is from the ultra psychedelic Mooseheart Faith, subtitled "A brief history of Blues-Psychedelia as revealed by Mooseheart Faith", where you can listen to the "Remington Electric Razor" solo (in Number One), Lynn Johnston playing baritone saxophone and a version of "Temple Departures" -different than the one in The Magic Square of The Sun LP.

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