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24 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » November » 21 » David Matthews - 1977 - Dune
David Matthews - 1977 - Dune
David Matthews - 1977 - Dune
CTI 7-5005

Funky spaciness from one of the 70's best arrangers! The set's a largeish orchestral work dedicated to Dune and other sci-fi books and films. Sounds goofy, but it's pretty darn great -- and Dave Matthews takes his work with James Brown and makes the whole thing come out pretty darn funky. Includes the massive "Sandworms".

Tracks :
A1 Dune Part I: Arrakis (6:03)
A2 Dune Part II: Sandworms (5:03)
A3 Dune Part III: Song Of The Bene Gesserit (2:50)
A4 Dune Part IV: Muad'Dib (6:36)
B1 Space Oddity (6:05)
B2 Silent Running (3:16)
B3 Pricess Leia's Theme (From Star Wars) (2:55)
B4 Main Theme From Star Wars (3:22)

Andy Newmark-Drums, Burt Collins-Trumpet, Horn, Cliff Carter-Synthesizer, Keyboards, David Matthews-Keyboards, David Sanborn-Saxophone, Sax(Alto), David Taylor-Trombone, Trombone(Bass), David Tofani-Flute, Piccolo, Wind, Eric Gale-Guitar, Gary King-Bass, Gerry Chamberlain-Trombone, Googie Coppola- Vocals, Gordon Gottlieb-Percussion, Grover Washington Jr.-Saxophone, Sax(Tenor), Sax(Soprano), Hiram Bullock-Guitar, James Bossy-Horn, Jim Bosby-Horn, Joe Shepley-Flugelhorn, John Gatchell-Horn, Jon Faddis-Trumpet, -Horn, Joseph J. Shepley-Trumpet, Lew DelGatto-Clarinet, Oboe, Wind, Lew Soloff-Horn, Mark Egan-Bass, Randy Brecker-Trumpet, Sam Burtis-Trombone, Sanford Allen-Strings, Steve Gadd-Drums, Sue Evans-Percussion, Tom "Bones" Malone-Trombone, Wayne Andre-Trombone, Will Lee-Bass

Reviews :

This is not the soundtrack to the movie Dune (that was was a snoozer by AOR favorites Toto). This one sneaks on to our list courtesy of the B-side, comprising disco-style covers of parts of John Williams' Star Wars suite. So what else is on the album? Is it funky? You're damn right it is. Any self-respecting jazz funk fan would start to quiver when faced with the session musician lineup on this concept LP - Andy Newmark and Steve Gadd on drums, Randy Brecker and Jon Faddis in the horns, Grover Washington and David Sanborn on sax. This obscure CTI album is the source of the killer sample cut 'Sandworms', as used on several major-league hip-hop tracks. Forget the rest of the (mainly disco-esque) cuts and head for Sandworms. It's funkier than a mosquito's tweeter (as Nina Simone once sang) and will blow the roof off your bass bins!

By A.Thomas
David Matthews gathers an incredible collection of artists to collaborate on interpreting the sci-fi masterpiece, Dune. Some of the greatest in the field add their flavor to Matthews' vision. Jazz fans will be delighted to hear Grover Washington Jr., David Sanborn, Eric Gale, Hiram Bullock, Randy Brecker, Andy Newmark, Steve Gadd, Mark Egan, even a young Will Lee riffing. The music style is dated, but true fans will enjoy!

Bio :
The keyboardist David Matthews has been, among other things, a steady source of funk, whether drinking it in from the sweat of the rhythmically innovative soul godfather James Brown or attempting to pour it over the head of the somewhat wimpier Paul Simon. Trends for better or worse that Matthews has been associated with since the '70s also include the CTI sound, an exhausting list of television soundtracks and commercial advertisements, and a series of critically praised releases by the Manhattan Jazz Orchestra. He should not be confused with the Dave Matthews of jam band fame, nor the earlier arranger and reed player from the big-band heyday, although both of them appear to have worked for Frank Sinatra at one time.

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor's degree in composition,

Matthews began his performing career as the leader of a dance band in the late '60s. This group toured extensively in several parts of Europe and MatthewsJames Brown, making it possible for him to relocate to New York City and utilize the Brown connection in order to garner steady freelance assignments. His clients included demanding performers such as drummer and bandleader Buddy Rich, singers Mark Murphy and Bonnie Raitt, and the Starland Vocal Band, among many others. In the mid-'70s he became staff arranger for the CTI label, resulting in a series of smooth productions that were loved by some jazz buffs and loathed by others. Matthews formed his own groups from this period on, including the David Matthews & the Manhattan Jazz Quintet. He scored many films for Hollywood such as The Parallax View, the first version of The Stepford Wives and Night Moves. He also has had quite a high profile for his activities in Japan.
~ Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide

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