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30 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » November » 28 » Arthur Doyle_Takashi Mizutani_Yoshisaburo Toyozumi - Live in Japan 1997
Arthur Doyle_Takashi Mizutani_Yoshisaburo Toyozumi - Live in Japan 1997

Arthur Doyle_Takashi Mizutani_Yoshisaburo Toyozumi - Live in Japan 1997
[Tokyo, Japan 18-11-1997]

Tracks :
1 Nov. 8th or 9th, I Can't Remember When
2 Alabama and Mississippi Reunited
3 I Pass, Then Resist
4 I'd Live in Her World, Then Without Her in Mine
5 Love Heal
6 Joy

"Live in Japan 1997” (Qbico 09~10)

Live In Japan 1997, quickly sold-out document of wildman saxophonist Arthur Doyle's meeting with legendary Japanese free drummer Sabu Toyozumi and underground guitar god Takashi Mizutani of enigmatic Japanese psych group Les Rallizes Denudes. Anything Rallizes-related is insanely collectible and this LP sold out days after it was first announced. This is a double LP in a gatefold sleeve, one vinyl red and black and the other orange and black. Originally came in an edition of 450. One of the hottest underground LPs of the last few years. First edition came out with the fold out all color jacket and is different from the latter single jacket editions.

"Saxophonist, singer and pianist Arthur Doyle is at his most emotionally devastating when he is on his own and the pure flow of his spirit is unencumbered by any bullshit notions of musicianship. So the idea of hooking him up with a guitarist and a drummer - even if they are two of the most liberated players to come out of the ever fertile Japanese Underground – is bound to raise pulses in well stocked record rooms around the globe. But the news is good. Although the three players rarely operate as a trio across the space of these two beautiful presented slabs of vinyl, the exchange of ideas is rapid and advanced and both Takashi Mizutani and Toyozumi Sabu peel back enough to give Doyle the kind of space he needs to really cut rug. A legendary recording Live in Japan 1997, has been circulating as cassette on the collector's scene for many moons. Doyle's visit to Japan that year brought many of his acolytes out of the woodwork and as well as the gig with Mizutani and Toyozumi, the saxophonist hooked up with both Japanese underground guitar god Haino Keiji and Boredoms guitarist Seiichi Yamamoto while he was there. Mizutani is a fantastic guitarist, although here he isn't quite as extended as with his own group, mythic psychedelic rockers Les Rallizes Denudes. Drummer Toyozumi puts in a particularly muscular performance, trading in the kind of spatial acrobatics and air-curdling techniques he used to temporarily dislocate recordings by Peter Brotzmann and Takayanagi Masayuki. In favor for a more stumpy, rock based approach, a working method that more than compliments Doyle's spare folk melodies. As usual Doyle weaves motifs from his major works throughout the set but it's that voice, so completely unguarded emotionally and beautifully bent that will set your heart on end” David Keenan.

So what more could you possible ask for.
Highly recommended and completely vanished.

Category: Prog/Classic rock/Blues | Views: 3284 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Rating: 5.0/1 |

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