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02 October 2023
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Main » 2008 » January » 1 » The Vietnam Veterans
The Vietnam Veterans
The Vietnam Veterans were one of the main attractions of the Neo-Psych movement and a major event in the psych scene of the mid 80s (what was rather small, sadly), with every new record. Today it seems they are Lost-In-Tyme.

The Vietnam Veterans are a French band, that first started playing in 1982. They play a very unique and fantastic psychedelic music style!

The very first members were: Mark Enbatta, Lucas Trouble, Greg Jones, Angelo Jupp, Steve Palermo (Drums), D.D. Richardson (Harmonica). In this formation they produced the first LP "On the Right Track Now !" (1983). The record itself was recorded and mixed in only three days.That gave the album a pretty low sound quality, but that doesn't changes the fact that this is one of the best albums ever recorded from the post-psychedelic garage scene of the 80's, especially in Europe. It includes many great songs but probably the best known pearls are "Don't Try To Walk On Me" and "Dreams Of Today."

Vietnam Veterans - 1983 - On the Right Track Now !

Mark Enbatta (Guitar & Vocals) Greg Jones (Guitar) Angelo Jupp (Bass)
Steve Palermo (Drums) Lucas Trouble (Keyboards) D.D. Richardson (Harmonica)

Tracks :
1. Don't Try To Walk On Me 2. Dreams Of Today
3. I Can Only Give You Everything 4. You're Gonna Fall
5. I Walked With A Zombie 6. Back From Hell
7. Out From The Night 8. Critics 9. That's Love
10. Dogs 11. Hey Gyp 12. Right Track Now

On the second LP "Crawfish for the Notary" (1984), there is a little change, Steve Palermo and D.D. Richardson left the band and Martin Joyce became the new drummer of the Vietnam Veterans. That should be the final formation of this band. "Crawfish for the Notary", was recorded in the same studio as "On The Right Track Now", but it was done in three weeks so it had a much better sound quality to it. It also contains some of the bands' best songs: "Children Eyes," "What Are You Hiding," "I Give You My Life" and more.

Vietnam Veterans - 1984 - Crawfish for the Notary

Mark Enbatta (Guitar & Vocals) Greg Jones (Guitar)
Angelo Jupp (Bass) Martin Joyce (Drums) Lucas Trouble (Keyboards)

Tracks :
1. Burning Temples 2. I Heard The Wind Blow
3. I Give You My Life 4. Children Eyes 5. My Trip 6. Liars
7. Is This Really The Time 8. What Are You Hiding
9. Masters Of Time 10. This Life Is Your Life 11. Gary Cooper's Trip

Not long and the third LP "Green Peas" (1985) was released, a record featuring the band's first two live gigs in Germany. This album features the best songs from the first two albums and had other songs that were completely improvised on the stage during the show- more proof of the band's unique chemistry. It's the best album to start with for someone who wants to learn about the Vets.

Vietnam Veterans - 1985 - Green Peas (Live)

Mark Enbatta (Guitar & Vocals) Greg Jones (Guitar)
Angelo Jupp (Bass) Martin Joyce (Drums) Lucas Trouble (Keyboards)

Tracks :
1. You're Gonna Fall 2. Dreams Of Today 3. Curanderos 4. Dogs
5. Liars 6. Critics 7. Wrinkle Drawer 8. Tower Of Babel
9. What Are You Hiding 10. Is This Really The Time
11. Don't Try To Walk On Me 12. Out From The Night
13. The Trip 14. Dreams Of Today 15. Peas On Earth

In 1986, the band released Ancient Times, a well-produced album which contained one of the band's more stirring masterpieces- "Curanderos," among other brilliant songs such as "Tower Of Babel","Wrinkle Drawer" and "Crooked Dealers" (the first three also appeared on the Green Peas).

Vietnam Veterans - 1986 - In Ancient Times

Mark Enbatta (Guitar & Vocals) Greg Jones (Guitar)
Angelo Jupp (Bass) Martin Joyce (Drums) Lucas Trouble (Keyboards)

Tracks :
1. Let It Rain 2. Ancient Times 3. Curanderos
4. Everywhere Is My Nation 5. Run Baby Run 6. Tower Of Bablel
7. Three Months Every Year 8. Wrinkle Drawer 9. Next Year
10. Crooked Dealers 11. Safety Razors

"Catfish Eyes And Tales" was released in 1987 and provide to be the last Vets album. It's a special album which contains the piece, "Medley," was built out of three connected songs: "Distant Drums," "Sea Horse" and a cover of the late David McWilliams's song "The Days Of Pearly Spencer."

Vietnam Veterans - 1987 - Catfish Eyes and Tales

Mark Enbatta (Guitar & Vocals) Greg Jones (Guitar)
Angelo Jupp (Bass) Martin Joyce (Drums) Lucas Trouble (Keyboards)

Tracks :
1 Dead Breams Don't Bite 2 Southern Comfort 3 Maybe You Think
4 Time Is The Worst 5 Crying 6 Catfish Eyes And Tales
07 Medley : a.Distant Drums b.Sea Horse c.Days Of Pearly Spencer

Before the band broke up, another album was released. "The Days Of Pearly Spencer" (1988) is a collection of unreleased songs and better versions of songs from the first two LP's. It also contains a live version of "The Trip" with strange people joining them on stage.

Vietnam Veterans - 1988 - Days of Pearly Spencer

Mark Enbatta (Guitar & Vocals) Greg Jones (Guitar)
Angelo Jupp (Bass) Martin Joyce (Drums) Lucas Trouble (Keyboards)

Tracks :
1. The Days Of Pearly Spencer 2. 500 Miles 3. Is This Really The Time
4. Burning Temples 5. Don't Try To Walk On Me 6. Dogs
7. You're Gonna Fall 8. Dreams Of Today 9. Be My Baby 10. The Trip


source :

Their sound are at first rooting in the 60's Garage sound evolved into a very unique mix of Psychedelia through their records. Very recommended.

posted by chocofreta

Happy Neo-Psychedelic Year !!!

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