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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » January » 3 » Various Artists - Maidens In The Moor Lay Vol. III
Various Artists - Maidens In The Moor Lay Vol. III
Dark Ages - Piano Magic w/Vashti Bunyan (Saint Marie  EP)
Passiflora - The Gray Field Recordings  (Hypnagogia)
Painted Skies - Tiny Lights (Prayer For The Halcyon  Fear)
Under the Gaze - Samara Lubelski (The Fleeting  Skies)
Hold You Up - Alice Despard (Thinning of the  Veil)
The world is burning, so let us waltz -  Post Crash  High  (The apocalypse came yesterday and no one noticed)
You Don't Love Me Yet - Bongwater (Double  Bummer)
A Good Many Things - Matty and Mossy (Fraimers  Hamey)
Down by the River - DiGiTaL DaN & EliZaBeTh  (Unknown)
Dark World - Sylvia Juncosa (Nature)
This Train - 28th Day (28th  Day)
The Orange Bears - Famous Boating Party (Silvery  Branches)
Happy go lucky - Spray Pals  (7"single)
Hiawatha - Look Blue Go Purple  (Compilation)

A quiet start with one of the few worthy comebacks (Vashti Banyan), followed by the promising Gray Field  Recordings  (multi-instrument player R. Loftiss), a little pop/psyche with Tiny Lights with Jane Scarpantoni's  cello (from 1984) and a much more recent album of Samara Lubelski (Tower Recordings) and a  nice song from the real passionate Alice  Despard (ex-Hyaa!). Post Crash High's song is subtitled "it's  almost as good as listening to the tale of "Long Lankin" under the influence of  psilocybin" and I don't have anything to add, Ann Magnuson w/Bongwater in a Roky Erickson cover,  Matty & Mossy (Jana Hunter's band from 2001), in a  real dark tune, and a duo (DiGiTaL DaN &  EliZaBeTh) I wish I knew more: I have only a few tracks  from them, but they're really good. Sylvia  Juncosa (more on her in a few days - if anyone's  interested) takes us high with her outstanding guitar playing and then a version  of Pete Seeger's 'This Train' from 28th Day and Barbara  Manning with all her youth (it was 1985!) and innocence  (which I'm sure she still has). Famous Bloating  Party  is one of the many inhouse bands of Jewelled Antler Collective.
I must confess that the next song from Spray Pals triggered me to compile  this third part of Maidens. You may know Susanne Lewis from Thinking Plague. This is one of her first  recordings (from 1982) where they managed to make a song based on tribal  percussion, Indian Raindance chant vocals with bouzouki solos, flavored with  drops of folk. You have to listen to believe it. We close with the stormy Hiawatha from the New Zealanders Look Blue Go  Purple.

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