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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » January » 5 » 7 X 7 is - U.S. 7 inch singles part 8
7 X 7 is - U.S. 7 inch singles part 8

Sister Ray - Purgatory/Hillside (Forced Exposure FE-016, 1988)
Sam and Mike D'Angelo , two brothers from Youngstown, Ohio (like Boys From Nowhere), have a rather long story, which you can read here. This is a single from 1988, released thru Forced Exposure and therefore a collector's item now. Both sides are killers, with muddy garage sounds and releaving guitar solos.

Sam D'Angelo - Enter Hell (7'EP, Resonance 904501, 1990)
As in the credits of the previous Sister Ray's single Sam D'Angelo appears as did 'nothing at all', here's his single from 1990 with 3 tracks. He tries to move away from the sound of the band and  he partially succeeds in  'This was My Blood' as the title  track could be in any Sister Ray release.

The Clams - Train Song/Crazy Boys (7', Imaginary IMC 509, 1987)
All-girl band from Minneapolis, Clams with a couple of rock'n'rollers from 1987, 'recorded on a tascam four track in mark's basement'. They released a 12' also in Imaginary and a 7' in another Mpls label, Susstones. According to John Dougan (AMG) (who obviously was a fan) "Live they were sensational, with Lawson exuding pure attitude and lead guitarist Roxie Terry (the coolest rock chick ever!) striking an alluring Joan Jett-ish pose that made her a rock goddess come to life."

Hopelessly Obscure - Shoot That Girl/Linda Sue Dixon/Do The Doug/Too Tired (7'EP, Arf Arf AA-019, 1986)
Time for the inevitable Kenne Highland and his gang (see previous posts of '7X7', Dark Cellars, the World of Distortion etc for more). In this EP we find all the usual suspects, like Aram Heller, Erik Lindgren and Willie 'Loco' Alexander, whose stories are too long to fit here. Special mention to Gay Hathaway (gtr, vcls). As for the music, you know what to expect: raw, lo-fi, pure garage!

The Original Sins - Coca-Cola (Sweet)/Juicy Fruit (7', Get Hip GH-134, 1990)
JT (John Terleski), founder of the Original Sins, continues until today under the name Brother JT or Brother JT3. In one of his solo records he put the title 'Music For The Other Head' and the appropriate cover. That's exactly the point here: two primitive/2-chord/garage tracks to make you remember to keep smiling (as the boy says on the cover).

Popealopes - Poor Tom/Bovine Lament (7', Resonance 88-4507, 1988)
PopeAlopes were a group from Davis, CA, active from 1986 to 2001, according to this myspace page (though their last official release was in 1993). This 7' was given as bonus with the first 1000 copies of their (Russ Tolman produced) album "An Adder's Tale", which, as I remember, was rather well received in Europe, reminding the missed True West.

Crypt Kicker Five - 4th Hole/Bedouin Stomp (7', C/Z records, CZ019, 1990)
Crypt Kicker Five were founded in Seattle by Jaime Caffery and Chip Doring, as a surf-punk band, in 1984. At their second incarnation, they joined by Jack Endino (yes this one!) on drums and production and Rhonda Pelikan on vcls and guitar. This single is from their 2nd phase,the only vinyl output of their recordings (that were released recently) and contains a gnarly a-side with some of the most sophisticated riffs you could find in a garage-punk song and a catchy oriental/surf tune on the b-side.

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