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24 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » January » 6 » These Trails - 1973 - These Trails
These Trails - 1973 - These Trails
These Trails - 1973 - These Trails

Tracks :
01. These Trails
02. Our House In Hanalei
03. Of Broken Links
04. El Rey Pescador
05. Psyche I & Share Your Water
06. Hello Lou
07. Rusty's House & Los In Space
08. Psyche II
09. Sowed A Seed
10. Rapt Attention
11. Waipoo
12. Garden Botanum

These Trails:
*Margaret Morgan : (guitar, dulcimer, vocals)
*Patrick Cockett : (guitar, slide guitar, tabla, vocals)
*Dave Choy : (arp synthesizer, recorder, arrangements, final mix)
Assisted by:
*Carlos Pardeiro : (guitar, sitar, vocals)
*Eric kingsbury : (guitar)
*Ron Rosha : (ipu)

Reviews :

Marvellous folkpsych and the best Hawaiian LP ever along with Mu. Like tripping out in a botanical garden and having the acid turn your casual stroll into a deep jungle exploration, surrounded by exotic birds and mystic noises, with old volcanos in the distance while ocean waves lap the back of your mind. Dreamy female vocals, surprising twists, and talent all through, courtesy mainly of Margaret Morgan, who sadly passed away recently. The song structures and arrangements are very unusual, and combine with the ethereal vocals to send you into uncharted mind spaces. "Share your water" is a personal fave. Psychedelic exotica doesn't come better than this. The Sinergia CD is from the band themselves.
~PL, Acid Archives


This is a wonderful and unique album that really defines Hawaiian psych rock. The music is folky/poppy, with clever arrangements that include surprising stop/start sections, little bits of synthesizer noises that feel like rain coming down, and exotic-sounding female vocals. The singing has a naïve charm that can't be beat, and the excellent songwriting is breezy and airy. Highly recommended.
 ~AM, Acid Archives

Location is very often everything when it comes to great folk music, whether it be the tranquil green countryside of home-counties England that informed the pastoral moods of Nick Drakes legendary albums, or the heather-clad moorland and Neolithic sites of Northern England used today as backdrops to the avant-folk experimentation of Xenis Emputae Travelling Band. In the world of psychedelic folk there are few better examples of this than the sole self-titled release from 1973 by These Trails, a then little known folk act from Hawaii, that is now held up, with deserved reverence, as a cult-classic of the genre. It is an album that skillfully combines a keen sense of melody with otherworldly vocals from the enigmatic late Margaret Morgan and innovative sonic experimentation that over 30 years later has stood the test of time. What’s more the band furnished each of its tracks with the colours, scents and atmospheres of the botanical treasure of the volcanic Pacific island paradise that birthed them.
~by Simon Allen

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