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02 October 2023
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Main » 2008 » February » 18 » Orkustra - 1967 - Light Shows For The Blind
Orkustra - 1967 - Light Shows For The Blind
Orkustra - 1967 - Light Shows For The Blind
(San Francisco, CA)

Tracks :
A1 Flash Gordon (4:54)
A2 Bombay Calling (5:45)
A3 Punjab's Barber (6:43)
A4 Flash Gordon's Return (7:36)
B1 St. John's Cathedral Jam (25:44)

Band :
Jaime Leopold - Bass
Terry Wilson - Drums, Percussion
Bobby Beausoleil - Guitar, Bouzouki
Henry Rasof - Oboe
David Laflamme - Violin

Reviews :
Legendary 1966-67 Bay Area band, whose members would go on to various sorts of fame. Mainly instrumental music of a highly eclectic nature, mixing modal Eastern sounds with impressionist classical and plain old SF acid rock. Embryonic versions of two It's A Beautiful Day numbers can be heard. Somewhat challenging and with below average sound quality, but well worth hearing for purveyors of mid-60s freak sounds and of obvious historical value.
[PL]~Acid Archives

Here is what we would name some of the best, most important, unreleased at the time, historical and lost westcoast psychedelic recordings ever.

This legendary band includes none other that the famed Kenneth Anger soundtrack creator Bobby Beausoleil as well as a very young David LaFlamme, before starting his legendary band "It's A Beautiful Day”.

As for the music, we are talking waaaaayyy out tunes here! This is the missing link between the Drone Avantgarde and the Hippie Scene symbolized by 2 people that couldn't be further apart. The complete B-side features a single long tune which can best be described as Theatre of Eternal Music (the famed Pre-Velvet Underground La Monte Young/ John Cale Drone Band) meets It's A Beautiful Day. On the other side you will find middle eastern influenced hippie psychedelic jams that will remind you of bands like the "BEAT OF THE EARTH”.

A true slice of pure acid psychedelia.

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