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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » February » 28 » Creamcheeze Good-Time Band - 1973 - Home Cookin'
Creamcheeze Good-Time Band - 1973 - Home Cookin'

Creamcheeze Good-Time Band - 1973 - Home Cookin'

Tracks :
01 Living Without You
02 Ruby Tuesday
03 Fleetwood Plain
04 Wild World-Song For Marlene
05 Home Cooking
06 Redwood Hill
07 Uncle Jed
08 Log Cabin Home (In The Sky)
09 T.O. Lady
10 Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue

Billy Kell (guitar; vocals)
Dave Harwood (bass)
Barb Payne (fiddle, maracas, washboard, recorder,vocals)
Pat Kell (mandolin, tambourine, kazoo, whizzer, washboard, vocals)
Jimi Kell (drums, spoons)

This quintet from Perth County, Ontario was a showcase for three siblings and the vocals of Barb Payne.

Their first hit was 1971's "Uncle Jed" from their Terry Regan produced 'Perth County Green' LP.
Their second hit was 1973's "Living Without You" from the album 'Home Cookin' produced by Gary Buck and contained a number of cover tunes including The Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday", Cat Stevens' "Wild World", Gordon Lightfoot's "Redwood Hill", and "Fleetwood Plain" written by Greg Quill, long-time columnist for The Toronto Star. The latter song was the second song off the album.

The group disbanded in the mid-70s.

The Kells and Ross Whitney released an album together in 1981 called Kell High Energy featuring studio sessions done at Waxworks in St. Jacobs, Ontario plus live material from The Blue Moon in Petersburg, Ontario (featuring Gary Halliwell on bass).

In the early '90's Billy Kell released an independent cassette called "Too Old To Quit Now". Billy Kell succumbed to cancer in 1992.

notes from Ross Whitney and John Sakamoto.

1971 Uncle Jed (Dominion)
1973 Living Without You/Redwood Hill (Dominion/MCA) MCA-40089
1973 Fleetwood Plain/T.O. Lady (MCA) MCA-40163

1971 Perth County Green (Dominion)
1973 Home Cookin' (Dominion/MCA)

source :

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