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22 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » April » 30 » Partly Cloudy - Excess Verbiage (1987)
Partly Cloudy - Excess Verbiage (1987)
I suppose I'm an artist or at least I'll get you to think so

Simple and minimal songs, played mainly with synthesizers and sequencers, but also with real guitars, bass and drums. It's definately a curiosity in the post/dark scene of Los Angeles in the late 80s: a trio, Aliz, Gigi and Robert, possibly art students, created this record of tribal/vocal drone, if such a thing could be said (or writen). Tribal refers to the drums (a key feature of almost every group in this scene), though a great part of them are digital. Yet they add a sense of motion in the otherwise more or less static synth lines. As for the vocal part, we are listening a voice without emotion talking rather than singing, semi-nightmare stories, or to be more precise stories from someone's dream world. A world where there's no heaven or hell, a city with buildings without windows, where sterilized and silent people are living. A flight under an artificial sunlight, just high enough to watch the buildings, the cars and the people. Persons talking about themselves and the others without love or hate, using very common phrases. A neutral voice, showing only a certain irony, just to prevent us from taking the stories very seriously, yet succeeding to make us more curius.

Rooms of joy in a room of sadness

For someone with enough listenings of american underground of the 80s, Partly Cloudy's music would certainly not fit out of place in some more "industrial" city scene, like Chicago or Detroit. There are some very obvius simularities with Chicago's Algebra Suicide, especially in the vocal/synth part, or XeX from New Jersey. But Partly Cloudy are far richer musicaly -due to the use of physical instruments- yet remaing in the minimal/synth genre. Drums make the music more human, while guitars remain a bit in the shade.

I've got to get out of this room
There's a poster on my wall
Talking Heads and David are telling me to leave

A teenager takes a bus ride, after the poster on her room wall tells her to leave. 'Bus Ride' is not a song about a flipped girl, it's a series of thoughts of a girl in her bus ride: common, strange, funny, thoughts without any depth, without strong emotions. This is how the lyrics go in the most part of this record (there are a few songs with more abstract stories, but I wouldn't go so far - anyone who read thus far will try this album), common references, just the surface of things.

I left some details for the end: the (deserted?) industrial cloudy environment on the front cover and the violent tornado on the back. The grey-blue tones on both sides. The label's name: Forecast Records. The minimal information and the absense (to my knowledge) of any connection with other bands of the time/place -no familiar names in the credits, except Ethan James and Radio Tokyo studio, where this album was edited.
Partly Cloudy intended to release a second album 1990, which never came out - as far as I know (I would love to proved wrong). 'Jihad' from these recordings appeared in "Viva Los Angeles II".

Right Hemisphere
Bus Ride/Sunlight/Violated by Pretension
City/Postcard/You Blew It!
Left Hemisphere
Big Trouble/Revelation/Relic Revival
Melodrama/Unhallowed Ground
Lizards/Nice Time

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