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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » September » 13 » The Sun Blindness - Like Pearly Clouds (2007, issued on CD 13-09-2008)
The Sun Blindness - Like Pearly Clouds (2007, issued on CD 13-09-2008)
THE SUN BLINDNESS formed in late 2004 when singer/guitarist Tor Larsen met guitarist Duncan Eastey. Sharing a love and appreciation of psychedelic music and culture, they began to get together to play together and write songs informed primarily by the droning spacerock of 1980’s underground heroes Spacemen 3 a secret enthusiasm for The Doors, and a treasure trove of strange psychedelic compilations spanning from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.

What resulted was ‘
Like Pearly Clouds’, an already acclaimed masterpiece of dreamy psychedelia, druggy, droning landscapes, and Beach Boys infected harmonies...

Visit Sun Blindness's myspace page and buy it from here :

Released on CD by Sensory Projects /Intertia. Recorded in Melbourne, mastered by Kramer (Bongwater, and producer of Low..), a debut that transcends time and the idea of a debut album! Seeped in thick layers of psychedelia and classic Sixties West Coast pop.

This great album was posted in Lost-In-Tyme when the the band was looking for a label to issue the album.
Originally posted at 23 December 2007.
Below you can find the original post :

The Sun Blindness - 2007 - Like Pearly Clouds

Tracks :

1. Our Glassy Selves
2. Everything Is Imminent
3. Flash in the Cosmic Pan
4. A Crack In The Concrete (For D. Crosby)
5. Jeremy Stares Into The Sun
6. It's Only 3 am
7. A Trip In A Painted World
8. Right Where You Are Sitting Now
9. Sleep Inside
10. Everything Comes Right
11. Panta Rhei'
12. Lazy Livin'

A delightfully lush, druggy & dreamy neo-psychedelic affair is this one. These guys hail from somewhere in Australia and they really have come up with something unique here for their first album. A strange mixture of LSD-era Beach Boys, J.K & Co, Byrds & perhaps the softer side of Spacemen 3.... songs such as "It's Only 3am" and " Everything Is Imminent" really have a warm, beautiful atmosphere to them. Lots of backwards guitars, strange percussion, echoed harmonies and a New Tweedy Bros cover. This is one of my favorite releases of the year.


If you like the album you can visit band's myspace

for instructions how to purchase a copy !

Posted by DangerDuck23
Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 3058 | Added by: Lost-In-Tyme | Rating: 3.5/4 |

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