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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » September » 17 » Medicine Man - Forever Brother (2008)
Medicine Man - Forever Brother (2008)

Dylan Ewing, based in Brooklyn, NY, recorded "Forever Brother" early 2008, in Oakland, CA. It is produced by Greg Ashley of Gris Gris (who also plays various instruments).
Avant-country, psycho-americana, reminding Greg Ashley's and Dylan Ewing's previous efforts (Medicine Fuck Dream and 4192 respectively), and rather different than them at the same time, "Forever Brother" rides quietly through the valleys of dream-time cowboy tales.

A concept not far away from the pre-Western of Caroliner (although musically not related at all with them), this album is a collection of haunted sounds, sometimes in the form of instrumental soundscapes, sometimes in more conventional song forms, but always searching under the surface of things.

Strangely, in the more guitar-driven tracks, what comes in my mind is "modern-day Quicksilver Messenger Service" and, the more you listen to "Forever Brother", you're getting deeper in a warm 60s feeling, that breaths in these tunes. I won't go into track-to-track review, but from the first few listens I found the opening instrumental 'For Other Brothers' and the two closing tracks 'Lion Hunt' and "Forever Brother' outstanding, though I'm sure that there are more future favorite tracks in it.

Forever Brother is the second release of Medicine Man, after last year's entirely solo effort "Reverberations for Baby".
The Medicine Man's influences: Cowboy pictures, pickled peppers, and some strange birds.

We thank Dylan Ewing who sent us this exceptional record to share with you and we hope that it will get a proper release - it definately deserves it.

Edit: Forever Brother will be released in a limited run of 500 LPs later this year on Dent Records

Here is Medicine Man's myspace page

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