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30 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » November » 3 » The Meanie Geanies - 1998 - I'm On My Way & Live 2004
The Meanie Geanies - 1998 - I'm On My Way & Live 2004

The Meanie  Geanies - 1998 - I'm On My Way [single7'']
1 I'm On My Way
2 You  Left Me Blue

The Meanie Geanies - Live  [02-02-2004]
1 Won't Be By Your Side
2 Every Night
3 Love Has  No Tyme
4 Anglo Girl Desire

The Meanie Geanies , the only New Greek 60's garage girl band,  were formed in the Spring of 1996, in Athens/Greece, by girls that shared the  same love for the mid 60s spirit, music, styles, movies and philosophy. They got  their name from Tony Brook's and The Breakers song named "Meanie Geanie”, when  they listen to it played as a cover from their favourite band The Sound  Explosion.  

A female 60's Garage - Punk band was  the dream and Meanie Geanies is the dream came true. Their music was a mixture  from the innocent and primitive 60's Garage!!! Back From The Grave style, row  surf and moody 60's punk.

  The band's sound was the… purest  possible, using equipment and recording techniques straight from the 60's. .

Meanie Geanies performed in several  live shows with bands like Cardinals , Walking Screams and Outtasites . At the  end of 1998, after some necessary changes in formation , they recorded their  first 7” 45 rpm single for Action Recs (I'm On My Way / You Left Me Blue ) and  in 1999 they stopped playing together . After that , the singer and the Farfisa  player made another band ( Six Tin Trash) and the bassist formed the Teardrops.  In spring of 2002 they met again (!) deciding to reform M eanie Geanies.

Since then they have performed in  several live shows with many international bands like Fuzztones , Electralane ,  Sky Saxon & The Seeds as well as with main Greek bands like Sound Explosion  , Frantic V , Psykicks , Teardrops in the greatest live spaces ( Gagarin ,  Mylos, An Club… ) and festivals ( Garage Festival , Vavel Comics Festival ,  Indie Free Festival ...). In the last three years they have visited several  cities all over Greece for performing ( Thessaloniki , Komotini, Florina,  Agrinio, Kalamata …).

In July 2005, they recorded their  first LP ( Bloody Date ), that would be released in late 2006 . Recently they  recorded a live bootleg in order to present their favorite covers . The title of  this release could not be other than … Cover Ups !.


Their sound is more wild and  primitive than ever before, full of swirling farfisa sound, tons of fuzz,  pounding drums, screams and tambourines!

The Meanie Geanies are :
Mary Jane
: Vocals,  screams, tambourine
Eve deVille
: swirling Farfisa  organ
Angel LoVerde
: fuzz Guitar, backing  vocals
Nandia Insane
: Bass, backing vocals
Rigo  Starr
: pounding Drums

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