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22 May 2019
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Main » 2006 » November » 9 » Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - 1971 - Galactic Zoo Dossier
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - 1971 - Galactic Zoo Dossier
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - 1971  - Galactic Zoo Dossier
Tracks  :
1. Intro (0:52)*
2. Internal messenger (4:05)
3. Space plucks (2:53)
4. Space plucks (0:51)*
5. Galactic zoo (2:32)
6. Metal monster (1:46)
7. Simple man (3:06)
8. Night of the pigs (1:03)
9. Sunrise (6:49)
10. Trouble (2:01)
11. Begins (1:09)
12. Galactic zoo (continued) (3:05)
13. Space plucks (continued)**
14. Galactic zoo (continued)**
15. Creep (4:06)
16. Creation ~ Gypsy escape (7:20)
17. Noise (0:15)*
18. No time (6:13)
Bonus tracks on cd releases:

19. No STEREO efect (0:02)
20. Metal monster (1:47)
21. Space pucks (including Dem Bones) (5:51)
22.  Sunrise (6:32)
Total Time:  62:18
* Not available on LP
** Not available on CD
- Arthur Brown / vocals- Julian Brown / vocals- Phil Curtis / bass- Andy Dalby / guitar- Michael Harris / keyboards- Phil Shutt / bass- Martin Steer / drums

Releases  information LP Polydor 2310 130 / CD Voiceprint VP 135 (1993) / CD Blueprint BP  135 (1997)

I'm sure a few of you know who Arthur Brown is. He had a hit  in 1968 with "Fire". While he might be thought of as a one-hit wonder, all the  albums he's done up to 1973 are well worth having. 1971's Galactic Zoo Dossier  is that prime example. By this time, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown was  history, the psychedelic scene was over, in place of the new, burgeoning prog  rock scene, and Brown was in a new band called Kingdom Come (nothing to do with  the '80s Led Zep clone band with the same name). This band, as it turns out, was  a fixture in the British free festival scene, just like Gong, Hawkwind and (more  than a decade later) Ozric Tentacles. I can only imagine how a Kingdom Come show  might've been, but judging from the pictures included on the  poster that comes with the original LP of Galactic Zoo Dossier, it looked  like it was a sight to behold. Believe me when I tell you that Galactic Zoo  Dossier is simply one of the most twisted albums you'll ever hear. Forget The  Crazy World of Arthur Brown (actually don't, as that 1968 album is actually  quite good), this album is WAY more demented, twisted, and out there! Just  listen to cuts like "Internal Messenger", "Metal Monster", "Night of the Pigs",  "Creep" and "Creation". "Creep" features some spoken dialog that sounds like it  came off Hawkwind's Space Ritual. "Creation" is so far out there, it gives many  Krautrock bands of the time a run for their money. Other goodies here include  the mellow "Simply Man", the instrumental "Gypsy Escape", and "Sunrise". If you  own the Supernatural Fairy Tales CD box set that was issued by Rhino Records  (the box set is devoted entirely to progressive rock, with artwork by famed Yes,  Asia, and Uriah Heep cover artist Roger Dean), you're already familiar with one  of the songs off Galactic Zoo Dossier, and that is "Sunrise". The only reject  cut on Galactic Zoo is "Trouble". That song was apparently sung by guitarist  Andy Dalby, and was definately written by him. Pretty cheesy number with some  really badly written lyrics ("I would like to write a song/To tell the world  what is wrong with it today/I would like to write a book/If that were all it  took, To make its troubles go away"), you can tell right away that Arthur Brown  wouldn't dare write anything that bad. Luckily the song doesn't last very long,  as the rest of the album is simply incredible. Totally strange to say the least,  and if you want music that doesn't play it safe, then this album is for  you.Review by Proghead  (Ben Miler)

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