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02 October 2023
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Main » 2006 » November » 10 » Holy River Family Band - 1996 - Haida Dieties
Holy River Family Band - 1996 - Haida Dieties

Holy River Family Band - 1996 - Haida Dieties

1 Fragrance Of Flowers And Herbs

2 Eztetl

3 Green Corn Dance

4 The Vision Quest Of The Sanpoil

3 member band from Sweden including Jens Unosson (The Spacious Mind) mixing eastern world music influences with some pretty tripped-out space like imagery. Tranquil almost mesmerizing in parts with a wonderful array of percussive and string interplay. Background synth landscapes paint continued sonic imagery creating some enormous sounds. Haida Deities would actually make a great sountrack with its highly sculptured landscaped sounds. Of course a full complement of world instruments are used …..drums, congas, tablas, bombo leguero, flutes, pipes, jews harp, electric piano, electirc organ, synthesizers, 12 & 6 string guitars, saz, oud, surna, violin, bass and even hurgy-gurdy. This stunning album will almost cetainly appeal to any fan of space - psych music.....Music for your young mind

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