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30 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » October » 4 » Various Artists - Maidens in the Moor Lay
Various Artists - Maidens in the Moor Lay

A collection of 14 acid-folk songs, sung by women

Cutters, Dealers, Cheaters - Janet Bean & Concertina Wire (Dragging Wonder Lake)
End-In-Tow - Walkabouts (Cataract)
She Looked Down - Mick Wills (Fern Hill)
N.C. - Myra Holder (Four Mile Road)
Wild Mountain Thyme - Penelope Houston (Birdboys)
Gallows Song/Gallows Hill - Sharron Kraus (Songs of Love and Loss)
Maiden in the Moor Lay - Meg Baird (Dear Companion)
The Falling of the Pine - Iditarod (The Ghost, The Elf, The Cat and The Angel)
Silver Dagger - Dame Darcy (Dame Darcy's Greatest Hits)
The Butcher's Boy - Half Asleep (tribute to the anthology of american folk music by harry smith)
Winter of Frosen Mornings - Tower Recordings (Folkscene)
Freight Train - Clay Alison (Fell From the Sun)
Long Black Veil - Bedlam Rovers (Squeeze Your Inner Child)
Kali Nichta (Good Night) - Courage Of Lassie (This Side of Heaven)

Some of the songs are traditional, others are not, some of the artists are well known, others are not, but they all share the feeling of folk music. This selection starts with two rather fast tunes, 'Cutters, Dealers, Cheaters' from the first album of Janet Bean (Eleventh Dream Day and Freakwater) and 'End-In-Tow' from Cataract -maybe the best release of Walkabouts. Then comes the lenghty 'She Looked Down' from Mick Wills, a long time companion of Nick Saloman (or Bevis Front), a song that defines the term 'Acid-folk', sang by Jenny Brown. I won't go in detail on every song, let's just hear those great voices singing. I'll just mention that the music slowly goes more dreamy until the Tower Recordings track, and then to more conventional forms with the two traditionals from Clay Alison and Bedlam Rovers. I can't resist to say that my lovely Dame Darcy gives to 'Silver Dagger' an underwater, spooky feeling, an absolute must-hear version.

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