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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » October » 6 » Various Artists - Daughters of Rarer Than Radium
Various Artists - Daughters of Rarer Than Radium

Maryrose Crook - Storm from the East
Francisca Griffin - Medicine for Melancholy
Jay Clarkson - Raise The Glass (demo)
Lovely Midget - Ghost Wall
Melayne Web - Mine
Angela Darcy - Tuesday Morning Addiction
Sola Monday - Medic Kate
Mink - Gold
Cloudboy - Cup of Roses
Demarnia Lloyd - Folding
Minisnap - In My Pocket
Sandra Bell - Holding
The Ghost Club - The Crying Room

Second collection with New Zealand acts, this time more recent - i.e. from the last ten years, and exclusively women. These songs - rock, pop, experimental, personal, or whatever you call them, are far away from the Flying Nun sound, they're differently produced, better recorded (at least not in Chris Knox's 4 track TEAC!) and more ehm... modern. For those not familiar with the names just a few notes: Maryrose Crook is half of the Renderers, Francisca Griffin was formerly known as Kathy Bull and a founding member of Look Blue Go Purple, Jay Clarkson is also a veteran in the scene from the early 80s with the Expendables, Sandra Bell is a poet/musician with some great releases (available here) Minisnap is the Bats without Robert Scott, with Kaye Woodward as lead singer and songwriter and Ghost Club are Denise Roughan and David Mitchell from the 3Ds. Of the newer acts I must mention especially the outstanding Demarnia Lloyd - included here are three songs of her, one from her Trace album, one from her 90s band Mink and one from her 2000s band Cloudboy, all of them in her very high quality standarts. Lovely Midget is also promising - it's the moniker of Rachel Shearer, former Angelhead, a bit more experimental than the rest.

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