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30 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » October » 8 » Various Artists - Maidens In The Moor Lay Vol. II
Various Artists - Maidens In The Moor Lay Vol. II

From folk to psychedelia
In this second collection the folk element is still present, but this time psychedelia is the queen. Again, all selections have women on vocals. With two exceptions, all are from recent releases (i.e from the 21st century).

Jessica Bailiff - The Hiding Place (Jessica Bailiff)
Damon & Naomi with Ghost - The Great Wall (Damon & Naomi with Ghost)
Goblin Market - El Dorado (Ghostland)
Kendra Smith - Earth Same Breath (The Guild of Temporal Adventurers)
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice - Caribou Christ In The Great Void (Xiao)
Fern Knight - Awake, Angel Snake (Music for Witches and Alchemists)
Espers - Daughter (Espers)
Iditarod and Sharron Kraus - The Trees Are All Bare (Yuletide)
Lau Nau - Jos Minulla Olim (Kuutarha)
Fit & Limo - Gopher Hat (A Garland of Flowers and a Bunch of Herbs)
Fursaxa - Veeho (Madrigals in duos)
Natural Snow Buildings - Wandering Souls (The Dance of the Moon and the Sun)
Greenpot Bluepot - untitled 2 (Warraw)
Buried Civilization - As Cold As The Clay (Tunnels to Other Chambers)
Majessic Dreams - Have to Go (Majessic Dreams)

Well, I wouldn't call Jessica Bailiff psychedelic, but in this song you can hear how she uses the sitar in her arrangement. A classic comes next - Damon & Naomi with the great guitar of Ghost. Green Pajamas-related Goblin Market in a pop-psych song  and after this two masterpieces: the first from Kentra Smith from 1996 and the second from from the very prolific Wooden Wand, guiding us to the sky. While flying we can listen to the light-as-feather tunes from Fern KnightEspers, before we go in the gloomy 'The Trees Are All Bare' - an Iditarod song with Sharron Kraus on vocals. Lau Nau in a strange way marries the folk of her frozen country with a certain eastern touch, into which Fit & Limo who follows are wholeheartingly sinking (in an Incredible String Band way). After this comes maybe the most promising artist of our time. Fursaxa's early abums were like magical music boxes and now she's evolving into an unbelievable human-nature unity. The french duo Natural Snow Buildings offer a great psyche tune, while Natalie LeBrecht, as Greenpot Bluepot manages to remind us of the unparalleled 'Birdboys' of Penelope Houston. Buried Civilizations comes from the Jewelled Antler family and the selection closes with a Swedish band, living in Copenhagen - if I got it right.

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