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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » October » 10 » Various Artists - Sons of Rarer Than Radium
Various Artists - Sons of Rarer Than Radium

01 Suka - Spit Winter Spit
02 Rip - (Wrecked reversed)
03 Brian Crook - Daggers
04 Kitset - From the hollows
05 Fats Thompson - Midnight Coltrane
6 Lung - Full Moon Again
07 Sferic Experiments - Who Does What
08 Shayne Carter - Seed
09 Mestar - Turtle Control
10 Matt Middleton - Love Theme 03
11 Parsec - Cosmodrome
12 Dean Roberts - Smash The Palace And What Nerves You've Got
13 Peter Wright - Wonderful.mp3
14 Gordon Wallace - Mastery.mp3

Third part of the New Zealand selections of obscure acts, this time with a few brave men from this lovely country. Recordings are low-fi for the majority of the tracks, that means that they just used slightly better equipment than Chris Knox's 4-track! As for the quality, I believe you won't be dissapointed. We have Suka in a track reminding of the best Xpressway music, a low-fi recording of the Rip with a great (as usual) work on violin from Alastair Galbraith. A naked, yet moving song from Brian Crook of Victor Dimisich Band and Renderers leads to an equally strong strong song from Kitset - same mood but ritcher arragement with horns etc. Fats Thompson continues the Xpressway tradition of raw and aggressive guitar-based songs. Things go wilder after this, starting with the very loud (for NZ music) Lung , the primitive sound of Sferic Experiment and Shayne Carter in one of his most wild moments.  A short pop track from Mestar leads to the jazzy Love Theme of Matt Middleton and the spacey Cosmodrome from Parsec. Dean Roberts and Peter Wright (both prolific writers) continue in this relaxed atmosphere. For the end there's a bonus track from Mr.Gordon Wallace, a nice little tune, perfect for a night beside the fireplace.

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