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02 October 2023
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Main » 2007 » December » 5 » The Voyage Limpid Sound (Greece) - 2000 - Electronically Enhanced Dream
The Voyage Limpid Sound (Greece) - 2000 - Electronically Enhanced Dream
The Voyage Limpid Sound (Greece) - 2000 - Electronically Enhanced Dream

Soundflat writes :

Behind the Voyage Limpid Sound stands a 19 year old Greek -an original
psychedelic talent- who writes, plays and records his songs in his father's studio. Musically he is close to the British psychedelic groups of the 60's and mostly to the first records of Pink Floyd, while the accords of his vocals are influenced by the psych/pop era of the Beach Boys. I know the artist personally but I'm not lying when I say that this album is disturbingly good! As other reviewers have said, Pink Floyd and the Beach Boys can be heard in his music, but I'd like to add David Bowie to that list!


Here's a young man who's doing with ease all the things that others try to do for years:sophisticated arrangements,strong melodies and songs,stunning voice and original 60's sound as none 80's psychedelic outfit ever did!Find this album-then you'll know why!The song "Shades of the sky" is a fave!!
~Benjamin Roses

source :

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