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24 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » December » 12 » Dennis the Fox - 1975 - Mother Trucker
Dennis the Fox - 1975 - Mother Trucker
"DENNIS THE FOX Mother Trucker (MusArt US '7?)

Only a handful of heads have encountered this mad beast of an LP, and it's top 40 at least of all US LP's for me: utterly dark and sleazy lowlife nirvana! Like seeing God in a burst condom stuck to the tailpipe of a rusty pimpmobile, finding out Jesus stole your mama, looking for the meaning of life in a puke pile by a truckstop motel .... kinda scary how real this dude is! The cover is awesome and the music ranges from seedy bluesy loser zones into fucker up dive bar epiphanies. I can't think of any other record more at the end of the road seeking salvation in the tawdry. Wicked sense of humor. Twilight Zone. One of those smart literate guys attracted to funky situations. Like so many obscure LP's, the names of people on it seem too weird to be real .... Alfie Van, Audie Bridges ... backup vocals by Mary Bliss & the Bixens. Blows Damon & Fraction out of the water as far as my own need for kicks goes. "

all i can say is YES and YES
and how about some lyrics:

well you talk about your whiskey
and you talk about your wine
so i'm here to tell ya people
that that kind of thing is fine
you go chasin' after women
but you sure ain't got one yet
that knows somethin' about somethin'
and that's one thing i can bet
when it comes to really livin'
or just somewhere in between
there's a high steppin' side steppin'
life outside you ain't never seen

she's the lady
they refer to when they cut the ace of spades
she's the lady
that they think of when the night pulls down its shades
she's the lady
with the action if you think you've got the nerve
to put your money where your mouth is
and find out what she can serve
she's a lady
with the answers that can teach you about the world
she's a truck drivin' piledrivin' mean mothertrucker of a girl

pile driver
don't you worry she treats every man the same
pile driver
don't you worry that's the way she plays the game
pile driver
don't you worry cause when everything goes wrong
just call her name
call her name
call her name
and she'll come lookin'

[guitar solo]

[repeat above]

she'll come bookin'
she'll come cookin'
(review by Joaquim_Peso @

Originally posted by Crotchbat
Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 6044 | Added by: Past-Contributor | Rating: 5.0/4 |

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