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22 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » May » 11 » The Cat Heads - Hubba (1987)
The Cat Heads - Hubba (1987)

An album many loved but so few heard? Or is it the other way around? I dunno, but everyone I ever played this for loved it. And I'm posting it by special request here, transferring it from my old site, so I guess the love-in continues.

From AMG, about the band:

A San Francisco supergroup of underground musicians, the Cat Heads formed in 1985. Singer and guitarist Mark Zanandrea was from the Leaches and Love Circus, guitarist Sam Babbit from the Ophelias, drummer Melanie Clarin played with just about everyone in town, and bassist Alan Korn hailed from X-Tal. The band traded vocal and songwriting chores to create a chaotic mix of folk-rock, indie-rock, joke-rock and country. Its 1987 debut, Hubba, was produced by the

Rain Parade's Matt Piucci, and its follow-up, 1988's Submarine, was produced by Camper Van Beethoven's David Lowery. With so much insider support, it's a small wonder that the Cat Heads didn't survive the late-eighties post-R.E.M. groundswell of alternative bands, but instead disbanded after touring behind their second album. All former members continue to work in Bay Area bands too numerous to list here. Babbit and Korn immediately formed the (ex) Cat Heads after the group's demise. Zanandrea and Clarin remained collaborators in It Thing. Zanandrea and Babbit regrouped in 1996 under the name Androgynauts, and Babbitt and Korn also reunited with the (ex) Cat Heads to form the Mudsills. - Denise Sullivan

From AMG, about the album:

A band with three songwriters and four singers, Hubba plies punk, post-punk, folk-rock, and country. The band excelled at it all: "Hangin' Around" perfectly captures the indie-rock spirit of the times; "New White Wings" is psychedelic, "Need to Know" has that back-porch Stones sound, and "Lullaby" is just plain Velvety. "Golden Gate Park," a punk rock song mocking hippies, went down well in San Francisco circa 1987, but the appeal of the Cat Heads' strange humor and multi-genre aesthetic was lost on the rest of the world. - Denise Sullivan

The Cat Heads - Hubba

Hangin' Around
Voyeur in the Balcony
I Would Kill for Suzy
Final Letter
Hubba Part 1
Golden Gate Park
Power, Love and Pizza
Need to Know
Lego Down
Saved by the Bottle
New White Wings

Restless Records

The Catheads have a great website - check out the videos!

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