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22 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » August » 26 » The Birdmen Of Alkatraz (Italy) - 1989 - From The Birdcage
The Birdmen Of Alkatraz (Italy) - 1989 - From The Birdcage

The Birdmen Of Alkatraz (Italy) - 1989 - From The Birdcage

Excellent Italian 80's neo psychedelia. They create a very full sound with vibrant guitar buzzing, stinging and generally pervading every inch of precious vinyl. This record could easily be mistaken for the out-pourings of some time-shrouded acid crazed combo of the late 60's although some songs like "Sea of Shadows" betray their 80's roots...

Tracks :
A1 Puzzle of a Downfall Child
A2 Beggar Girl
A3 Codine
A4 April Dancer
A5 Lord of Flies
B1 Harshness Day
B2 Jack O’Diamonds
B3 Birdcage
B4 Anxious Color
B5 Sea of Shadows
B6 A Musical Tribute

Group Members :
Stefano Magni - g
Daniele Caputo - voc, dr, perc
(Standarte, London Underground)
Francesco Bocciardi
- g
Gianfranco Migliaccio - b

Discography :
Glidin' Off (1987 EP)
From The Birdcage (1989 LP)

In the late 80's I played guitar in an Italian neo-psych band called "Birdmen of Alkatraz". We had the great honour to receive the cover art made by Rick (maybe the only european band togheter with the Cult).It was something that filled us with pride cause we were (and still are) longtime admirer of Rick's work and deeply involved with thing and music that Rick loved. Thanks Rick !
~Francesco Bocciardi (from Rick Griffin_guestarchives)

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