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14 June 2024
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Main » 2008 » June » 8 » Cosmic Trip Machine - Lord Space Devil (2008)
Cosmic Trip Machine - Lord Space Devil (2008)

"... an experimental psychedelic folk album with songs that release themselves of any constraints and explore differing sonic boundaries (odd instruments, studio effects, imaginative rock inspired by indian music and B-movies)..."

"Lord Space Devil" starts quietly, evolves into something like slowed-down-Meat-Puppets (Up-On-The-Sun era) and ends in an orgy of lysergic guitar, backwards tapes and percussion.
In these 18 songs we find that Syd Barrett lives through "Go Down Streets" and West Coast shines through "Mantra #27", sitar-driven heavy psyhe instrumentals, light pop psychedelia "In the Haze of Drugs", electric folk ("So Sad"), 1965's garage tunes with rich instrumentation ("Another Venus"), British psychedelic blues ("Plastic Hippie"), short experiments/scetches for future songs, Donovan, Tom Rapp, and a million wonderful details.

Putting aside the deliberately obvious 60s references, I find strong resemblance with another duo - the Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band from Los Angeles. The psyche-pop aesthetics, the fiddling with the studio effects, the odd instruments.

Will and Majnun are full of ideas (and sure they know very well the 60's music) and smart enough to not get trapped in endless improvisations and studio experimentation. Instead, they have created a multicoloured kaleidoscopic album for all of us who keep (?) our feet to the ground and have our head in the 60s mist.

Cosmic Trip Machine are friends of Lost-In-Tyme and are inviting our visitors to visit their site and download "Lord Space Devil" for free (they even have high resolution covers to print for the CDR). You can also buy it, if you're interested.

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