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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » August » 9 » 7 X 7 is - U.S. 7 inch singles part 10
7 X 7 is - U.S. 7 inch singles part 10
Blow Pops - I know Nancy/Stop (Get Hip GH-126, 1990)

Two sides of anglophile psychedelia, delivered by John Francovic of Plasticland (who was the producer of this single). Blow Pops were the band of Mike Jarvis and Tim Buckley (real name?) from Milwaukee (I bet gomonkeygo knew them in person ;-)) and "I Know Nancy" deserves a place in any compilation of vibrating-multicolored-ornamented psychedelic songs from any era.

Girl Trouble When Opposites Attract/Gospel Zone/Homework (Wig Out! WO1, 1989)

This Tacoma, WA band lives forever (well from 1984 at least!). Never compromised to have a release in a major label, Girl Trouble gave us a mix of Cramps and Headcoats through their various albums and singles (in every North-West indepented label). This 7' was self-released in their own Wig-Out label (they did put out a fanzine under the same title) and was produced by Steve Fisk, who apparently was the man behind everything recorded in the NW at those days.

Loafin Hyenas - Forbiden See/Boot In The Toilet/Scartchin' Fleas/Forbidden See (7', SFTRI 36, 1989)

An amazing Tex Edwards/Click Mort production, the Loafin' Hyenas gave us some of the gnarliest, crawling punk rock, with guitars twanging, basses thumbing, drums banging and Tex's deep howl is keeping everyone and everything else around him in a safe distance (let's say a 100-miles range).

Hell Billys - Dragstrip Girl/Drivin' Wheels/Moto-psychos
(Dionysus ID074523, 1991)

This is the most recent release of the bunch: A frenzied cow-rodeo-punk "Dragstrip Girl" and two equally fast tunes from these four guys from El Cerrito, this is the first ever release of HellBillys, from 1991.
The HELLBILLYS have been a mainstay of the San Francisco bay area since 1989. First releasing a series of 45's on independent record labels including Moto Psycho's
Knocked up and Gun Crazy, it's Alive and Evil. In the years to follow the band released several albums/c.d.'s on various labels
Both domestically and overseas Land of Demons (Japan) , Torture Garden, Cavalcade Of Perversions, and most recently Blood Trilogy Volume I., as well as countless tracks on compilations. (from their site)

The Hellbillys are (?) still alive.

New Flesh Prod. - Tijuana Tumbleweed/Baja Bound (Alien Cactus ACR THORN-004, 1990)

This is the oddity of this volume of 7X7: From the lads from Stanton Park we got this rather late release (1990) in which the main instrument is the flute! Don't expect any light flower-pop or the deep-in-the-woods folk of Jetrho Tull- these are two semi-heavy psychedelic tracks, in the Dark Cellars/Ladds From Belvue tradition, but the flute has entirely taken the place of the lead guitar. Listening is believing!

Stepford Husbands - Why Aren't You There?/Yeah
(Cryptovision, BR-1000-11-1, 1984)

The seeds of the Stepford Husbands were first sown one sultry night in the Peppermint Lounge in NYC when Gary Thomas first shook the hand of Dave Amels, an introduction that was to spawn 5 singles, 1 album and countless live shows (well, 5 or 6 at least). One rainy Autumn afternoon in 1983 they set up the 4-track in Dave's bedroom and laid down the basis of what was to become the legendary first Stepford Husbands single, "Why Aren't You There." Using primitive equipment and ingenious recording techniques they managed to produce what Timothy Gassen described in his book "Echoes In Time" as " of those classic bits of garage psychedelia." The music was full enough to dispense with the need for a second guitar, but drums were needed and Cryptovision Record's label boss Mike Linn provided the missing back beat, recorded in Dave's garage for authenticity. The B-side "Yeah", is an instrumental recorded "live" in the rehearsal studio, and included a bass guitar (rare on Stepford Husbands recorded material) and a saxophone (even rarer!). This platter became an instant rave on the college stations when released on the Cryptovision label in Jan. '84, and was the top of the playlist on many college radio stations throughout the US. It also received a lot of attention in Europe, with Sweden and Germany being particularly captivated by this classic piece of 60's garage grunge rock, it even made number one on the Greek National radio station! It later found its way on the German Glitterhouse compilation "Declaration of Fuzz". (wfmu bio)

Trodds - Wild Child/Take Down (Stanton Park Troddisk-001, 1981)

This is the second Stanton Park related single in this volume - I promise I won't post any more for a while!. The Trodds, a band from the early days of the SP saga (although nobody can be really sure when they all started), with Aram Heller, Scott Ferguson and David Stackhouse and two tracks that combine the wild side of Kenne Highland and Hopelessly Obscure ('Wild Child") and an unbelievable b side of somenthing that sounds like a psychedelic rendition of a lost Lynard Skynard song.

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