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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » August » 11 » Bangor Flying Circus - 1969 - Bangor Flying Circus
Bangor Flying Circus - 1969 - Bangor Flying Circus

A well constructed heavy-psych album from a Chicago trio, with meaty guitar riffs and full organ sounds. This kind of music was done to death in the early 70s, but "Bangor Flying Circus" was made in 1969 and it's still fresh and innovative. The extended use of organ does not make this "prog" and the guitar solos have been kept to acceptable legth. Last but not least, the vocals are human and "physical" and not the 'masculine' groan of the later attempts. It's a very well balanced album and worths a few listens at least.
Formed by an ex-H.P.Lovecraft member, there are elements of Lovecraft's music here. You can find a little Vanilla Fudge, a little Lothar & The Hand People, a little jazz and plenty of perfect communication between the three musicians.

A1 Violent Man
A2 Come on People
A3 Ode to Sadeness
A4 Concerto for Clouds
B1 A Change in Our Lives
B2 Someday I'll Find
B3 Mama Don't You Know (That Your Daughter's Acting Mighty Strange)
B4 In the Woods
B5 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

Reissued in limited edition CD in 1993, but it's also out-of-print.

Bangor Flying Circus were Alan de Carlo - guitar/percussion/vocals, David "Hawk" Wolinski - keyboards/bass/percussion/vocals (ex- Nomads and The Shadows of Knight and later with Rufus (with Chaka Khan) and Ted Nugent) and Michael Tegza - drums (ex- H. P. Lovecraft).

One more thing: the entry for Bangor Flying Circus in Fuzz, Acid and Flowers states that after this album, they released two more as "Flying Circus" (the same with RateYour Music). From the research I made, this proved to be wrong. After Bangor Flying Circus, Wolinski and De Carlo formed Madura in 1970 (you can take a look here for more). Flying Circus was an Australian band of the early sevehties and had no relation at all with BFC.

Opa-Loka, review by Rainy Day Sponge

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