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02 October 2023
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Main » 2008 » August » 13 » Fraser & DeBolt - With Pleasure (1973)
Fraser & DeBolt - With Pleasure (1973)

In their native Canada, Allan Fraser and Daisy Debolt are revered in the folk world by those lucky enough to have seen them perform. They influenced other musicians mostly from their live performances, not their recordings, and if it's true that they were even better live than on this LP, I'll gladly trade the entire "F" section of my collection for a video
. (Aaron Milenski, Lama Reviews)

Yes, Fraser & Debolt are a part of the folk history, although they were never famous, not even in the underground or folk circles. They released two LPs, on titled "Fraser & Debolt with Ian Gunther" in 1971 and "With Pleasure" two years later. It's very difficult to find another duo based on lead and harmony vocals, singing with more joy, so full of the life, the love and the music they were making.
You can find a lot of reviews if you search a little, but all of them are about their first LP (you can find it here). Everyone agrees that this was their masterpiece and rightly so: everything was perfect in this album, even the mistakes they made.
Anyway here is their second LP: never reisssued of course, it waits its turn to be discovered and appreciated by the music lovers. Yes, it's different than their first: there are not just acoustic guitars, fiddle and vocals, but there are bass and drums, even saxophone in a couple of songs! That doesn't mean that they tried to make a "rock" record - they're still in the folk territory, only this time they made an attempt to a more full sound. Maybe it was not as magical as their debut, but it sure had its moments.
You can find Fraser & Debolt's discography here, but click on the link for Daisy Debolt's site. Visit, as well, Alan Fraser's myspace page, they're still active, with an impressive discography and background and still have amazing voices!

Here are the credits from F & D site:
Allan Moy Engineer Patrick Godfrey Harpsichord, Organ, Piano John Savage Drums Lowell Fox Guitar, Harmonica, Piano Andrew Hermant Banjo Dennis Pendrith Bass (Acoustic), Bass (Electric) Daisy DeBolt Guitar, Vocals, Piano George Calvert Hand Dobro, Pedal Steel Joe Mendelson Harmonica Joe Ferguson Clarinet (Bass), Flute, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor), Sax (Soprano) Mark Smith Engineer Allan Fraser Guitar, Vocals Bruce Pennycook Conductor

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