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24 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » August » 15 » Duck - 1972 - Laid
Duck - 1972 - Laid

Australian supergroup of the early 70s, don't pay attention to the horrible cover, this album has some great, rockin' songs and Bobbi Marchini was a powerfull singer, following the Janis Joplin tradition.

In early '72 several Hunger members hooked up with producer-singer-songwriter G.Wayne Thomas, who had recently made his name with production and songs for the hugely successful MORNING OF THE EARTH soundtrack. Bobbi Marchini, John Robinson and Steve Webb became the core a new "supergroup" called Duck, with the lineup completed renowned jazzer and session pianist Bobby Gebert (who worked with many well-known rock bands including Tully), bassist Teddy Toi (ex-Aztecs, Fanny Adams, Wild Cherries and percussionist Larry Duryea (ex Tamam Shud.

Thomas originally intended Duck as a 'studio-only' project, featuring only cover versions of songs by major overseas acts. No doubt this was to maximise his own earnings on the album (and presumably the group were only paid session rates). They recorded 16 tracks at Melbourne's TCS Studios, although only 12 were eventually released. Singer Jon English (ex-Sebastian Hardie) performed lead vocals on several songs, alternating with Bobbi. The resulting LP, Laid, released in July 1972, was a mixed bag, but included some strong tracks including Neil Young's Southern Man, Bill Withers' Ain't No Sunshine, Frank Zappa's Dog Breath and Nick Gravenites' Buried Alive in the Blues. Two Duck singles were issued -- the first, Sweet Inspiration/Southern Man came out before the LP in May 1972, followed by their version of Paul McCartney's Maybe I'm Amazed b/w The Man in Me in September. Encouraged by the results of the project, the core members of the band decided to become a permanent outfit and hit the boards. But by the time they premiered as a live act, Jon English was already ensconced as 'Judas' in Harry M. Miller's production of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR so his place was taken by former Wild Cherries lead singer Danny Robinson for touring. Guitarist Russell Smith (Company Caine, Mighty Kong) also toured with them.

According to contemporary reports, the group suffered from the all-too-familiar management woes, and both Bobbi and and John have confirmed that the group's relationship with G. Wayne Thomas was part of the problem. Clearly this was not an isolated incident, since it is known that the members of Tamam Shud, who featured prominently on the Morning Of The Earth soundtrack, were never paid for their contributions to that album and have never seen a cent from it to this day. When Bobby fell ill in late 1972 she went into hospital for an appendectomy and when she came out, Duck had folded.
(MILESAGO: Australasian Music & Popular Culture 1964-1975)

A1    Maybe I'm Amazed [feat. Jon English]    3:28
A2    Southern Man [feat. Bobbi Marchini]    2:24
A3    Anyway You Want Me [feat. Jon English] and Bobbi Marchini    3:45
A4    Dog Breath [feat. Jon English] and Bobbi Marchini    2:41
A5    Buried Alive in the Blues [feat. Bobbi Marchini]    2:38
A6    Memo To Turner [feat. Jon English]    3:41
B1    The Man in Me [feat. Jon English]    3:20
B2    How Long Before I'm Gone [feat. Bobbi Marchini]    3:59
B3    Ain't No Sunshine [feat. Bobbi Marchini]    3:22
B4    Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress [feat. Jon English]    3:07
B5    Mother [feat. Bobbi Marchini]    4:25
B6    Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up [feat. Jon English]    3:26
B7    Do Right Woman [feat. Danny Robinson of Wild Cherries] and The Virgil Brothers

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