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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » August » 17 » Maidens In the Moor Lay vol. IV
Maidens In the Moor Lay vol. IV

Fourth volume of the Maidens series and the concept has slightly changed: I've expanded the time range from the 60s until today, because the more I'm listening to these songs the more amazed I become from the fact that there are literally no great differences between the classic voices of the past and the promising voices of today, and the feeling of the music remains the same, in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s.

01 Penelope Houston - Harry Dean (Birdboys, 1989) The best possible opening track, "Harry Dean" is from Birdboys, a record that should be considered among the classics, along with Balaklava, Goodbye & Hello or Sunshine Superman. Unfortunately it is not, but if you decide to search for an album out of this series (including past or future volumes) try this. I thought that it was out of print, but Penelope is selliing it. Absolute, perfect beauty.

02 Interstellar Overdrive - Nine Eyes (Interstellar Overdrive, 2000) It is her who overshadows all the thoughts and in the darkness plunders the silence. Recorded in Greece, with an early line-up of the band (still active), with Artemis Bogri on vocals.
03 Aguaturbia - El Hombre De La Guittarra (Volume II, 1973) The legendary Chilean psychedelic group in one of their "softer" tracks - their sound was more wild in general.
04 Emily Bindiger - Song of Decision (Emily, 1971) When she was 16 years old recorded this album and then she released some more poppy LPs and played in musicals
05 Kate & Anna McGarricle - Heart Like a Wheel (Kate & Anna McGarricle, 1976) The famous McGarricle sisters from Canada, in their first LP produced by Joe Boyd.
06 Faun Fables - Joshua (Family Album, 2004) Dawn McCarthy is more than a musician. In Bay Area she combines animation, theater and music. Faun Fables is her creation.
07 Cath & Phil Tyler - Fisherman's Girl (Dumb Supper, 2008) I bet that this song would easily pass for some lost recording of some acoustic folk band from the 60s, but it's Cath Tyler from New Jersey singing (now married to Phil Tyler - gtr, banjo) and relocated to Newcastle, UK.
08 Folque - Sinclairvise (Folque, 1974) From Norway, with 10 albums from 74 to 1998, Lisa Helljesen is on vocals here, in an amazing performance.
09 Laine & Alan - One I Love (On An Autumn Day, 1982) An amazing folk album from this UK duo of Laine and Alan Numm, Would you believe that it was recorded in 1982?
10 Rose McDowall - This Calling (Music Box, 2008) member of current 93, death n june, strawberry switchblade in an acoustic performance from Feb.2007 in Lisboa, Portugal
11 Mari Boine - Gilvve Gollat (Show Your Gold) (Leahkastin (Unfolding) (1994) Mari Boine Persen is a Lapp performer, singing in her native tongue. Tremendous feeling.
12 Ballroom - It's a Sad World (Magic Time: The Millennium/Ballroom Sessions) Michelle O'Malley/Curt Boettcher/Sandy Salisbury & Jim Bell formed Ballroom in 1966 and recorded an album for Warner Bros which remained unreleased (although several songs appeared in Boettcher's albums with Millennium and Sagitarius as well as Michelle's only LP, in 1969) until recently.
13 Bread Love & Dreams - The Least Said (Bread Love & Dreams, 1969) UK hippie/folk group from Edinburgh, David McNiven, Angie Ray, and Carolyn Davis in was essentially a demo - but I think you'll agree that it was a happy thing it didn't remained a demo!
14 Kath Bloom & Loren Mazzacane Connors - Seems Like I'm Always Waiting (Sand in My Show, 1983) From a fruitful collaboration at the early eighties, a song with a deep bluesy feeling, in a way that MV & EE are driving to its limits, nowadays.
15 Kiwi Animal - Mercy (Mercy, 1984) A mythical duo from New Zealand, (Brent Hayword and Julie Cooper) with some of the best (literally) weird folk.
16 Beatbeat Whisper - Cowboy's Lament (Beatbeat Whisper, 2007) Beatbeat Whisper is Ayla and Davyd Nereo, sibling singer/songwriters performing indie-folk music in tunnels and trees (that's their description, but you have tolisten more of them to enjoy their music)
17 Mountain Home - The Sparrow ( Mountain Home, 2007) Isn't it like a female Deventra? Joshua Blatchley and Kristin Sherer are the San Diego based Mountain Home, but there's Marissa Nadler's voice you'll hear on "The Sparrow", which I chose on the intention to leave you with a bittersweet taste.

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