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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » August » 18 » Locomotive - 1969 - We Are Everything You See
Locomotive - 1969 - We Are Everything You See

Locomotive were a somewhat legendary band that came out of Birmingham in the late sixties. As an aside an early line up of the band featured Traffic's Chris Wood and Black Sabbaths first manager Jim Simpson. Sax player Dick Heckstall Smith also guests on this the bands only album. The album opens up with the track Overture which leads into the single Mr Armageddon. Despite being of its time this album still has something special about it and perhaps it is the mixture of jazz, psychedelia and progressive rock that lends it an air of something special. Certainly there was nothing like this blend around at the time with most bands tending to go with one of the aforementioned genres rather than the eclectic mix Locomotive employed.

Other tracks of note are There's Got To Be A Way and A Day In Shining Armour. The record company have also decided to include a number of bonus tracks such as the original mono mix of the single Mr. Armageddon and You Must Be Joking neither of which have ever been released on CD before nor obviously make a welcome appearance here.

Whilst we Are Everything You See may well be an acquired taste there is certainly much here for fans of well played rock music with jazz overtones. Sadly this album was the only release from Locomotive and it would seem from the extensive sleeve notes that the reason that the band weren't successful was down to the record company delaying the release of this album. Of course things are never that cut and dried but there will of course be a certain amount of truth in that statement as in early 1970 when this album was released I would have thought that the time was just right for the band and this album. No matter the album is certainly an interesting one and one that should find a small but enthusiastic audience ready and willing to upgrade their vinyl for the newer and re mastered sounding album.

One more final aside drummer Bob Lamb went on to play in the Steve Gibbons Band and subsequently went into production. On this outing he certainly has nothing to be ashamed of come to think of it neither do any of the members of Locomotive. We Are Everything You See is an interesting and worthwhile release.

1 Overture
2 Mr. Armageddon
3 Now Is The End - The End Is When
4 Lay Me Down Gently
5 Nobody Asked You To Come
6 You Must Be Joking
7 A Day In Shining Armour
8 The Loves Of Augustus Abbey Part One
9 Rain
10 The Loves Of Augustus Abbey Part Two
11 Coming Down/Love Song For The Dead Che
12 The Loves Of Augustus Abbey Part Three
13 Time Of Light And Darkness
Bonus Tracks:
14 Mr. Armageddon (mono single version)
15 There's Got To Be A Way (single b-side)
16 I'm Never Going To Let You Go (single a-side)
17 You Must Be Joking (mono single version)
18 Movin' Down The Line (single a-side)
19 Roll Over Mary (single b-side)

Category: Prog/Classic rock/Blues | Views: 4218 | Added by: afroclonk | Rating: 5.0/2 |

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