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24 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » August » 25 » Drumming on Glass - Asparagus Tea (1990)
Drumming on Glass - Asparagus Tea (1990)

Psychedelically-inspired, trippy musicable to straddle the line between dreamy, hazy texture and a more earthbound, rhythmic, jarring aggression . "All The Colors" combines a shimmering, sitar-tinged melody line with straight-ahead power drumming, similar to early Psych Furs (without the sax). "Slippery Slide" uses eerie strings, more sitar and a loping riff to create a hypnotic texture. Drumming On Glass offer a potent mesh of guitar, bass and drums, painting sonic tapestries that flow with the heavens and also appeal to primal instincts. (Suburban Voice #31)

Starting with the joyful, sitar-based "All The Colors", Asparagus Tea is Drumming on Glass' debut and on of the most well hidden secrets of Bostonian psychedelic rock of the 80s. Released rather late to be a part of the revival thing, 'Asparagus Tea' survives and it's totally listenable until today, because it's not another imitation of the 60s. The sixties are present of course, as well as the psychedelic, eastern scales, dreamy/trippy melodies and arrangements and all the usual elements that we'd expect to find in a record labeled as "60s psyche". Present are also the post-punk/Velvet influences, an 80s punk feel in the vocal and bass part and an unusually powerful drummer. But, at the same time all these elements are combined in a way that denies any accusation of exploitation. Exceptional playing, imaginable arrangements and memorable melodies are making a great record. If you want something that sounds similar, I would say the Rain Parade in their 'Emergency...' days, Plasticland (a faint resemblance) Dangtrippers and the league of great, underrated bands from the middle of the U.S., or even the Das Damen in their most psychedelic efforts.

Chris George - founder of Drumming on Glass - begun in Boy's Life, and after DoG formed Merang and later Invert. Read more here. Drummer Allen Esser started in Tampa FL, with Primitive Romance, after DoG a series of bands followed - Soil, Transmission, Ceramic, Midnight Call, Lakeside Project, Lady of Spain and most lately Glass Set, to explore post-punk, pop, experimental and goth. Bassist Eric Krauter later went to Calendar Girl and Tony Triglio is a poet, teaches at Columbia College Chicago and co-edits the poetry magazine Court Green.

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