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28 May 2023
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Main » 2008 » August » 31 » Night Soil Man - Garden of Delight (1989)
Night Soil Man - Garden of Delight (1989)

From the fertile California (San Diego), Night Soil Man was the child of extraordinary singer/multi-instrumentalist Rosebud. I should mention that the rhythm section was held by Mike Kennedy (bs) and Mark Trombino (drms), later responsible for the famous Drive Like Jehu heavy sound.
I should also warn you that this record has nothing to do with psychedelia or the so called "west coast" sound. Garden of Delight is a hard and desperate record, with no exits. The band is VERY tight, there is not a single note where it shouldn't be and although the music is hard and heavy, they never cross the line to the metal side. Rosebud does her vocal acrobatics over a non-stop pounding of the drums, thumbing of the bass and screaming of the guitar, singing about countless horrors and sickness and all these in a voice that she definitely knows how to use - she sounds like a trained vocalist-, a voice of tremendous power and expression.

Trained or non-trained Rosebud leads with her theatrical performance and the band follows in six-minute songs, cruel, both lyrically and musically. In "What For" Rosebud almost (I repeat almost) manages to recreate the last Brando's scene in Apocalypse Now (where he whispers "Horror", before Martin Sean cut his head) over tribal drumming and epic guitar riffs. "Time to Die" starts in a nice acoustic way with Rosebud's sweet, almost folksy, vocals but when you hear the lyrics "Don't cry child, it's time to die, inevitably" her voice is already hard and chilling. In "Ant Farm" we have a violent assault, not unlike Tragic Mulatto's most extreme songs (in a quiet passage you can hear some lyrics from "Feelings" - the famous love song!).

Night Soil Man released two LPs in the late 80s- early 90s, Garden of Delight (in SoCal label Vinyl Communications), responsible for several extreme releases and Cheif Left His Settlement.
Line-up: Rosebud (vocals), E. Raymond S. (guitar), Mark Trombino (drums), Mike Kennedy (bass)

This is not for everyone, but it may be a rewarding experience.

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