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22 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » February » 28 » Second Layer - Complete Discography
Second Layer - Complete Discography
Their first full length, two singles and self titled EP (the EP is by all means impeccable) here for download. This is a somewhat electronic post-punk version of The Sound. Great use of drum machine. Highly recommended!

Second Layer was an electronic-based outlet for the Sound's Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey. Borland supplied guitars and vocals while Bailey provided keyboards, bass, and drum programming. The full length World of Rubber was issued in 1981, followed by two singles and an EP released the same year: "State of Emergency," "Flesh as Property," and Second Layer. Since the duo was central to the Sound's sound, their side project retained some of that feel, albeit in a slightly detached fashion that's to be expected when synths and drum machines replace more human elements. Borland's songwriting wasn't much less personal here than his writing for the Sound. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

Second Layer - State of Emergency (7'')

1. State Of Emergency
2. I Need Noise
3. The Cutting Motion

Second Layer - Flesh As Property (7'')

1. Courts Or Wars
2. Metal Sheet
3. Germany

Second Layer - Second Layer EP

1. State Of Emergency
2. I Need Noise

3. The Cutting Motion

4. Courts Or Wars

5. Metal Sheet

6. Germany


Second Layer - World Of Rubber

1. Definition Of Honor
2. In Bits
3. Fixation
4. Save Our Souls
5. Distortion
6. Underneath The Gloss
7. Zero
8. Japanese Headset
9. Black Flowers

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