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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » June » 13 » The Creation - We Are Paintermen
The Creation - We Are Paintermen
This was the only full-length album released during the brief life-span of the Creation, one of the few beat groups to rival the raw intensity of the Who. (Guitarist Eddie Phillips, who committed violin bow to guitar strings before Jimmy Page, was allegedly even courted by Pete Townshend to become the Who's second guitarist.) This album, released in 1967 on Hit-Ton, a label out of Germany, where the group enjoyed immense popularity (a situation not mirrored back home in the UK), consists of the singles and some uninspired choices of covers ("Cool Jerk," "Like a Rolling Stone," "Hey Joe"). The group's criminally under-appreciated sound is fueled by Phillips' clanging, melodic power chords and feedback-drenched squalls, which show up most prominently in the Creation's signature single, "Making Time." Other highlights on this essential album for fans of Mod and British Invasion include "Try and Stop Me," "If I Stay Too Long," "Biff Bang Pow," and "Painter Man." A 1999 Repertoire Records reissue cleaned up the poor sound quality of the original. (allmusic)


Not much to say about this band, except that this album is an absolute mod/freakbeat essential. There are quite a few Creation reissues/anthologies around, but I think this is the best in terms of sound quality. Ripped using EAC/LAME 3.97 (VBR --preset fast extreme), the best mp3-ripping way possible. Don't be put off if you notice "low" bitrates. This happens because the tracks are in mono, which is why there's no need for extremely high bitrates. That would just make useless bigger file sizes, with no actual improvement in sound quality. The sound is transparent to the original cd. - K


Tracks :
01 Cool Jerk
02 Making Time
03 Through My Eyes
04 Like a Rolling Stone
05 Can I Join Your Band
06 Tom Tom
07 Try and Stop Me
08 If I Stay Too Long
09 Biff, Bang, Pow
10 Nightmares
11 Hey Joe
12 Painter Man

Bonus Tracks :
13 How Does It Feel to Feel (US Version)
14 Sylvette
15 I Am the Walker
16 Ostrich Man
17 Sweet Helen
18 Life Is Just Beginning
19 For All That I Am
20 Midway Down

Special Bonus :
21 Hurt Me If You Will
22 I'm Leaving
23 Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
24 Going Down Fast

Originally posted by Kyriakos

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